Hagne was slowly regretting her decision of coming here. The stares that the man across her gave was the cause of her regret. She and her husband were seated now, with drinks in front of them. Hagne ordered a cup of water, her husband ordered a beer. As usual.

They had been staring at each other for a minute. As awkward as it was, Hagne refused to back down from her glares. She hated him, she had every right to. The fact that he looked even more healthier than her made her hate him more.

He now wore expensive robes and clean sandals. She could tell he was fatter and his hair was neatly combed, not as disheveled as it used to be. He actually looked like one of the patricians. She hated it.

How dare he be happy? After all the troubles he caused and after he left her to fix her issues on her own. After abandoning his family, for fame and wealth.

She hoped he would choke on his beer, or die of liver failure. Any of the two worked for her.

After a long

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