Chapter 54

Benedict denied her freedom yet she was free up to a point. He was faithful to her. He did not see other women the way Atomas had. When he looked at her, she had all of his attention. They had fun together like best friends. More fun than she had had in a long time. Yet he was steadfast on his stance about Alexa. And he had secrets. Many. Was that the basis for love? Perhaps her quiet voice did not answer because the answer was obvious. Yet if she did not have feelings for him, would she enjoy lying next to him as she did now listening to his breathing? Would she feel guilty for betraying him to Breeger?

Her thoughts drifted then to Dargo. She wondered what had happened to him. She knew she had hurt him and she felt guilt for what she had done but she could see no other way. It was for the best. It was for his safety. And she was still paying the price. She could only hope that Dargo had not been traced after her meetings with him had been discovered. She hoped that it was cl

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