Ch. 8 : Chance Encounter

Of all the people to run into... I thought to myself, standing there stunned as Calix clung to the Crown Princes’ neck. Wait… did Calix say Uncle?

“Where have you been Calix?” The Prince asked him, looking down at him with a warm smile. “Your mother told you to stay near the library.”

I couldn’t focus on Calix’s answer as I stood there, suddenly distracted by the Prince.

He’s very handsome… How come I’m just now noticing this? My mind wondered, recalling the past few moments in which I was near the Prince.

He was tall, with broad shoulders and well defined muscles that could be seen beneath his clothes. There were solid black markings on his arms, spaced out and scattered around him. This made him seem mysterious in a way. He also had an air of authority to him that mixed with wisdom and something else that I couldn’t place. The way he was s

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