Ch. 50 : And so They came

The chill in the air was biting as I walked through the garden with Lanalee. It had been so long since I was able to spend time with her and I knew that once my baby was born I would have even less time. So, even though Dorian wanted me to rest and keep warm within the Central Palace while he traveled with his father to the Capital, I wrapped myself up in a warm cloak and decided to take a walk. We were enjoying the gentle calm the winter breeze blew in when Calix appeared, running towards us in his own little cloak and boots.

“Why are you out in the cold My Lady?” He asked me, his breath making little puffs of white blow out with his words.

“Calix.” Lanalee chastised, shaking her head at her son. “I told you, it’s not ‘Lady’ anymore, it's Madam, or Your Majesty.”

“Oh, right.” He bowed and corrected himself, maki

Iris Willow

Thank you so much for making it to the end! I really hope you enjoyed Amara and Dorian's story as much as me. I'll be taking a deciding on a sequel with the same characters or following the All Mothers plan and move on to the other three Dragon Kingdoms. We'll see where inspiration takes me. :)Thanks again and please rate and comment! <3

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Ellie McClintock
So good to read a love story with a bit of drama followed by a happy ending. Have had enough of reading some of the ridiculous neverending storylines currently on offer. Thank you.
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Elaine Day
I enjoyed this
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Shannnon Jones
I think you did amazing job! please let us know when you decide if your writing another one! Love to add it to my library!
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