Chapter 118


My chest ached as I thought of what my mate had said.

Despite me assuring her that I was doing everything for her, I hated the fact that she didn’t see that. I knew that she was worried about me, I knew that she didn’t want my heart to darken. But she didn’t realize how much her words had hurt me.

I walked toward the house where Mason was kept with a heavy heart, what I had been doing to him killed me more than it helped me. I couldn’t admit it to anyone, not even to my mate, but I was hurting. Being betrayed by my second beta, a man who I trusted, who I considered as one of my closest friends, it killed me.

Walking inside the house, I looked at Mason who was sitting on the chair, his head sagged as he looked down at his lap, his body exhausted. I cleared my throat snapping him out of whatever daze he was in, he had been like that for a while, his body would jerk at the sound of my voice, or my scent. I knew that he was fri

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