Chapter 124


“I’m surprised that you two have come, even after the loss of your daughter” King Alexander mocked, Nathan had managed to find Delilah inside the vampire’s palace, however, it broke him to see her dead on the ground when he reached her. Her mother having been the one who had killed her, her canines dug deep in the young girl’s neck, and her heart pulled out of her chest. Queen Beatrice was by her husband’s side, her head held high as we all stood in front of one another, ready for battle.

“King Alexander, I do recommend that you do not tempt me to break the rules and kill you here and now, before the battle even begins” Nathan said angrily, both of us were at loss and were still in a weak state after having lost Lilian, I couldn’t understand how Queen Beatrice was still managing to remain strong after losing both her mate and daughter, both of them killed by her doing or her order.

“I do suggest

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