Chapter 6


I was sitting in my meeting, I went with my beta Eliot, while I was concentrating on the plan the alpha was telling us about to prevent rogues from coming into our pack lands my phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and I saw that it is the warrior I sent to the mall with Shannon.

My heart rate picked up pace when I saw that it was him, usually, he waits until they are back to report things to me, so you can Imagine the worry when I saw his message now. I quickly clicked on it and it opened. My eyes darkened when I saw the contents of the message, it was pictures of Shannon with the beta of the Devil pack.

What the fuck is she doing with my enemy? I keep the bloody slave occupied with enough work so that she does not have time for boyfriends and when she is not working, she is with me. When the hell did she get time to find a boyfriend, she even looks so cozy with the son of a bitch.

I tried to calm myself but each time I swipe another picture appears and it pisses me off more than the last one. My beta nudges me and I looked at him. He raises an eyebrow when he sees how angry I am but I ignored him. “Alpha, something came up and we have to leave.” My beta knots his eyebrows in confusion but I don’t care, I have to go back and get to the bottom of this.

“Is there anything we can help you with alpha?” asked the Blue Moon alpha and I looked at him. It's not that this fool wants to help me, this is just his way of trying to find out why I am leaving. “No alpha, I have got this but thank you,” I tell him heading to the door not wanting anyone to ask any more questions, my beta is on my heels.

I got into the car then undid two buttons on my shirt, it's making me feel hot all of a sudden, I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and I don’t recognize the person looking back at me. “Come on Austin, stop acting up.” I scolded myself looking in the mirror, my beta is still talking to the alpha am sure soothing things over.

There is no need for that, none of that is important but what is important is the fact that Shan is seeing my enemy, now that is important. Aggravated, I scowled at myself in the mirror. Weariness crept around my eyes. Chaos, fighting, and death I can handle those things but I can't handle Shannon dating my enemy.

When did this even start? Did she maybe sneak out at night to see him when everyone was asleep? I will have to find out. Today has been a long day, I woke up early to sort out pack business since I won't be around for the next two days, I know Eliot will take care of the rest but there are somethings that will need my attention and those are the ones I took care of.

Then it was Shannon ignoring me and making me angry to a point that I threw a stapler at her. I know I hurt her with that stapler and when she stumbled to the door I knew that I had thrown it harder than I intended and hurt her in the process. I felt so guilty for doing that to her but she just rubs me off the wrong way all the time.

We were talking nicely and she just ignored me. For no reason at all, why can't she just give me all attention when we are together, why does she have to ignore me all the time? Sigh, I don’t know why but Shannon’s situation is very frustrating, whenever I give her time to herself she ends up doing something that pisses me off and I have to punish her.

My beta finally comes in then sighs, I don’t ask questions, I just start the car and drive off. He is quiet for a few minutes but then turns his whole body and looks at me. I avoid his eyes and concentrate on the road. “Are you going to tell me what is so urgent that we had to leave the meeting?” he askes and I kept quiet for a few seconds.

“Nothing,” I answer him and keep my focus on the road. He has a scowl on his face but I pretend I don’t see it. “So, what you are telling me is that we left the meeting for nothing?” he asks and I nod. I don’t have to explain myself, what would I even say if I were to explain? That I saw a picture of Shannon with my enemy and I want to confront her?

He is just going to tell me that the matter could have waited until we got back but I just couldn’t wait.

“mmm, I get you.” He says but I know that he doesn’t, he is just saying that because he can see that I don’t want to explain. We get to the packhouse before they do, my warrior sent me a message telling me that they are on their way. I park and sit in the car. Eliot looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you not going to go in and take care of the urgent thing that made you leave in the middle of the meeting?” he asks and I shook my head. “I told you it was nothing.” He doesn’t believe me, I can see it but I don’t care. He gets out of the car and heads inside. Good, I don’t need him here anyway, Shannon is who I want.

When I see the car coming I get out of mine and stand next to it with my hands in my pockets. I am trying so hard to calm down right now but I keep seeing those damn pictures in my head, she looks happy in them, I don’t remember the last time I saw her smile like that. My anger rises when I think of the reason she smiled that way, my enemy. Bloody Lucas Jones!

The car comes to a stop and Sandy gets out first followed by the annoying Rosey. I don’t usually call people names but Rosey is a slut, warriors, my gamma, and my beta have tapped that. Now she is trying her luck with me, the filthy rat! Sandy smiles at me and comes in her a hug. I hug her briefly but my eyes are glued on Shannon.

“I didn’t know that you will back so soon.” I force a smile. “It wasn’t a long meeting, had fun shopping?” I changed the subject to her and the smile on her face grew. “Yes, I did and I got those sneakers I wanted. Oh, Austin, you should see them, they are so beautiful.” She is excited I can tell but I am not in the mood.

Shannon walks past us and when I am about to stop her the rat stands in front of me. I could kill Rosey right now! “Alpha, aren’t you going to ask how my day was?” she bats her eyelids and that only makes her look like a hooker. I can't even force a smile with her right now, I am not in the mood. “Not now, Rosey,” I tell her then head inside, I want to talk to Shannon.

I walked fast going up the stairs taking two at a time, I hurried down the corridor and pass my room but I stop in my tracks when I catch her scent in my room. I moved back and stood in the doorway. She is busy packing the clothes she must have gotten for me, I stood there for a while and my raging heart settles a bit.

Then a picture of her with Lucas comes to mind and my anger raises again. “What the fuck is your relationship with the Devils’ beta?” she snaps her head in my direction looking straight at me, I can't remember the last time I saw those beautiful big round eyes of hers. I see confusion in them and I wonder why she is confused. Or maybe she is surprised that I know.

She must have remembered as she quickly lowered her head, I fumed, even more, I know that I am the one who asked her not to look at me in the eye but now that she is doing it without being asked its infuriating, somehow I miss those eyes, they give me a sense of belonging.

“I don’t understand alpha.” She answers with a low voice and her answer just gets me even angrier. Is she going to play dumb now, like she doesn’t know what am talking about? Alright, let’s see what she is going to say about this. I fished my phone out of my pocket and go to the pictures.

When I find those pictures my eyes darkened, I take long strides toward her and she stiffens when she sees me next to her. “This is who I am talking about, or what, you know him as baby, not the devil’s beta?” I see her hands tremble, I wish I could see her eyes right now, they would tell me the truth. But I am not going to ask her to look at me, her eyes are only going to weaken me.

She keeps quiet for a few seconds, am sure thinking of a lie to tell me but she better not try it, not today. “I only met him at the mall today, I didn’t know that he is the Devil pack’s beta.” She tells me, she must think am stupid this one, if that is the case then why is she shaking? I will tell you why because she is fucking lying to me!

My eyes darkened, even more, when the thought of her lying to me crossed my mind. “Don’t lie to me!” my voice is loud and she jumps a little. I take deep breaths trying to calm down. “I am telling you the truth alpha, I didn’t know this man before today, I swear to you.” She tells me, she sounds sincere but I can't really tell because I can't see her eyes, damn that rule!

“Very well, you will not be getting any food until you decide to come clean and we are leaving in an hour, get ready.” She nods her head and when I am about to snap she answers. “Yes, alpha.” She knows I hate it when she nods instead of using her words. I leave the room and head to my office. I bag the door behind me when I close it then walk to my chair and threw myself at it.

I rubbed my temple feeling frustrated, I took out my phone and dialed the security company that I always use. “Alpha Austin, long time.” He answers but I don’t have time for pleasantries right now. “I need cameras installed in the room on my floor, my beta will show you and another one in the wall way all the way to the front door,” I tell him.

I want to see exactly when and how she sneaks out of this house to go and see that bum. “When do you need this done alpha?” he asks. “Tomorrow, I want it done tomorrow, and send me your invoice when the job is done,” I tell him. “Alright then alpha, tomorrow it is.” I cut the call after getting the confirmation.

“Let’s see how you sneak out now little Shanny.”

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cathy knoblauch
Soooooo....someone is in love with his adopted sister, interesting.
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Tonie Sledge
He’s such an idiot. He’s in love with his step sister! Ain’t that about a b**ch!!
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Jen Edmonds
what a douche lol

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