Chapter 45

 After dinner it was time to deal with the people in the living room, Shannon did not know what punishments will best suit these people, she was not used to their way and did not know how they punished disloyalty. That is why she decided that it was best to let the respective elders be the ones to pass judgement and she would deal with the seer.

They all walked to the living room and silence filled the room. One could see the worry in those people’s faces now that the time has come, frowns and beads of sweats were forming on their foreheads. While others pretended like they were not affected at all, like they cannot wait for it to be over and done with. But on the inside, they were just as worried as the rest of them.

The seer has a smirk on his face when they entered the living room, the man thought that he still has cards he could play to come out of the situation. Shannon stood in front of everyone and addressed them. “I have decided to let your res

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