Chapter 4: " Jealous? "

Demonise POV:

“What brought you here, Timothy?“ Fergus' eyes were so sharp that you can feel the chills deep inside. Aziyah on the other hand was confused and obviously not aware of what’s coming next.

“I came here to wonder around, and I met Dem here.“ He normally said and tilted his head to see who’s with Fergus. Knowing that Tim might know about Aziyah, I got panicked and didn’t know what to do.

“Who’s she? A business partner?“ He asked and looked at me. I could feel that my hands were sweating. I didn’t have a clue on how would he react if ever he would find out that Fergus was not good to me at all.

“I-I ahmm… S-she's his….“ I’m loss of words and I didn’t know how to say it. I looked at Fergus, my eyes were begging for him to help me, but I didn’t get any response.

“Are you Timothy? The owner of Diamond corporation?“ I was awakened from my thoughts when Aziyah suddenly asked my cousin. 

Does she know about my cousin’s identity? Then, will she know about mine?

“Yes! And you are?“ Tim smiled at her but I could see that he’s already aware of the truth behind Fergus and her. I see disappointments in his brown eyes.

“I’m Aziyah! Fergus' girlfriend.“ She was smiling widely and being captivated by my cousin’s charm. Though Timothy was good-looking, but Fergus was more likely to be the center of attraction when together. 

“Ow! I see.“ I was like being in a dungeon. With my cousin who’s in my left side, and my husband in front of me. Staring at me coldly, didn’t even bother to join their conversation.

“Do you know her?“ She asked Tim while holding Fergus' shoulder.

“Her?“ Tim said but his sight was fixed to me. It’s like, he’s trying to comfort and save me from this embarrassing situation. Who would not be embarrass? If I, as a wife didn’t even have the urge to fight for my rights?

“I’m his cous----“

“She’s my girlfriend…“ Tim cuts me off. His hands landed on my waist and pulled me closer to him. I could  feel my mind being twisted with so much questions. Or was he just trying to take revenge on Fergus?


I looked at Fergus when I heard him whispered. He’s silent earlier and now, by hearing the word ‘girlfriend' awakened him.

“Wow! How come she’s my boyfriend's helper?“ Aziyah said. Her tone was a little bit sarcastic, so was her eyes that were currently observing me.

“Fergus and I are friends. My girlfriend wants to work even though she’s rich enough to enjoy life. That’s why I love her so much…“ Tim answered. I know that the question was asked by Aziyah, but his eyes were focused on Fergus.

“Why do you have to let your girlfriend work with other man's authority? Rather than his boyfriend?“ Aziyah asked again. 

I know from the very first place that she doesn't like me, but ruining my reputation in front of the crowd was out of the line.

“She don’t want any special treatment. And for me, being with the woman I love is always special.“ While saying these, Tim looked at me and smiled.

“She knows how to discipline herself, you should also try it.“ Seeing her reaction made me a little bit satisfied. “It’s great for people who have no discipline at all.“ Tim added.

“No thanks.“ Aziyah simply replied and looked at Fergus who’s standing next to us. “Let’s just go home babe? That’s what you want right?“ Watching how she flirted with my husband due to my existence made me felt insecure.

“Let’s eat first? It’s my treat…” Timothy suddenly suggested. I took a glanced at Fergus and found out that he’s intimately staring at me. 

“I already ate. You can have launch with Demonise instead. We’ll just goanna go around.“ She said while raising her eyebrows. I don’t really like Aziyah’s aura and presence. Maybe it's a good idea after all.

“Nope----“ I stopped when Fergus said something. “I’m going to join them. You can shop around and I’ll wait for you Aziyah.“ I saw how Aziyah’s face got irritated. Maybe she didn't expected that Fergus would object her suggestion.

“N-no… I'll come along babe.“ She replied but I know that she’s secretly glancing at me. Those sharp stare could be detected by my senses. I’m aware of how much she hates me.

“Then, let’s go?“ Knowing that Timothy was such a naive guy, I know what he’s up to. 

“We’re here!“ It’s just near by the bench inside the mall. A fast-food chain called Jollibee.

“What is this place? Can we go to an Italian restaurant instead?“ Aziyah on the other hand was not familiar with this place. I could see it by just watching her expression. 

“This is actually a great place ma’am Aziyah, you can try something new.“ I said trying to tell her with full respect. I’m an educated woman and I know how to treat my enemies well. Though I don’t like her, I still need to treat her accordingly.

“Take a seat and I’ll order.” Tim volunteered but as he was about to go, Aziyah stopped her by holding his wrist.

“I'll come with you. I want to order what I want.“ She demanded and followed Timothy to the counter. I was left alone with Fergus sitting at my right side.

“So, you’re in a relationship with your cousin? While you’re married to me? How pathetic…“ I faced him and I noticed that he’s blankly staring at me again. From this four corner of the table, the only witnessed of his creepy grin. 

“How come you’re fine to have a lover? But I am not?“ I gave myself a blow in the mind for talking back to him like this.

“I am different, and so you are…“ He leaned on the table using his elbow and his hand cupped his face. “You’re my woman, but I’m not your man. That’s a different case, isn’t it honey?“ 

His sentences pinched my ego as I focused my death stare to him. But instead of feeling uneasy, he let out a chuckle. 

“Why are you laughing? I’m not joking around.“ I said then turned my gaze to Timothy and Aziyah that was walking to our direction.

“You’re not joking…” He whispered. “Yet, your so damn cute when pissed off…“ I stiffened when I heard him said an unexpected words. Was that a compliment? Or perhaps he’s just teasing me like what he always do?

But if it was, then that’s the first time that he ever told me such a sweet word. Or was the word ‘cute' still concluded as sweet in his sexy vocabulary? Dang it! I felt my cheeks burning.

“Let’s eat?“ I was cut off by Timothy's voice. 

I just nodded to him and ready myself to eat. I felt my stomach rumbled when my sight landed on the table. I was craving for chicken this past few days and I’m really happy that I will be able to eat it now.

“You really know me well Tim!“ I praised him then he automatically smiled at me. “Of course! If there’s one person who knows you best, that would be me Dem…“ I didn’t react to what he said because I’m starving.

I ate as much as I wanted. After all, this was Tim's treat. I could abused him once in awhile I guess. Hahaha! 

“I’m full.“ I heard Aziyah said. Well, she already ate her breakfast earlier. She should just shop around. 

Not bothering to think of others, I ate the remaining fried chicken in Tim's plate that made him laughed because of amusement. Well, he already know how much I love food.

“You’re just like before. No one can stop you when eating… hhmm“ I took a sipped on my pineapple juice and answered him with a death glare. He raised his both hand as if he’s a criminal who wants to surrender.

“Ok… You’re still my sweetheart even if you have no mercy on food.“ I even added my warning signal to him and then finally, he shuts up.

“Oh no! My father texted me. I need to go to his office now.” Aziyah exclaimed while watching her phone. “Can you drive me there babe?“ Using her puppy eyes, he looked at my husband who’s currently with his blank expression.

“I can’t. I need to settle something.“ He said without even glancing at her. It feels new to me whenever he ignores Aziyah, or maybe I was just assuming things.

“Maybe you can hop in with me. I know your company and I was about to go there for business.“ Timothy offered her, then looked at me with cute eyes. 

“Is it ok with you sweetheart?“ I was laughing inside of my brain knowing that he’s just acting for my sake. I nodded to him and squeezed his cheeks because of amusement.

“You can, but how about me sweetheart?“ I said trying to act the same. He stretched his lips and sweetly smiled. “I can drop you at your house first.“ He said.

“I’ll drive her. After all, he works for me.“ Our sweet funny conversation was being cut off by Fergus. He’s domineering charisma was all over the place.

“But I want to-----“ My statement was being hanged on when I felt his hand on my lap. Gently touching and pinching it. 

“But what?“ He sarcastically asked. I know what his actually doing. He’s going to punish me if I disobey him.

“I’ll go with Fergus. Take care sweet--- Tim!“ My mind was now in chaos. Fergus' hands were now slowly going upward. He’s aiming for my shorts. Holly crap! 

“Then, we'll leave first.“ Watching both Timothy and Aziyah left made my heart beats rapidly. Now I’m with Fergus who’s currently smiling devilishly to me.

“That’s my girl. You really know how to obey your master…“ He stated and finally let go of me. I didn’t bother to say anything. I followed him in his black limo car.

“Passenger’s seat…“ He demanded again. I opened the door for the passenger’s seat and get inside. Put my seatbelt on and looked outside.

“You can go to your business instead.“ I said while remaining my alter ego. “You don’t have to drive me home.“ I added.

“I’m free and I just want to rest at home.“ He formally said as if it’s just a simple case. I looked at him with pure surprise. So he’s lying all along?

“B-but.. You said that-----“ He cut me off. 

“I have some business to settle…“ He stared at me directly in my eyes and a grin appeared on his handsome face.

“I have someone to discipline at home…“ He said then started the engine. 

I know that it was just a statement but it gave chills all over my body. Someone? Discipline? Uh-oh! I have a bad feeling about this…

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