Chapter 2840

“You would lose even without her.”

Chester brutally told the truth. “Your plan was wonderfully thought out, but you neglected the true significance of a hospital. All you see are benefits. I’ve long since told you that you need to look in the long term–”

“Shut up.”

Hunter was so angry that his temples bulged.

Back then, all he heard was people telling him, “Hunter, you’re blessed with such a brilliant child.”

“Hunter, I admire you. Although you’re not very competent, your son is.”

Then, there was the indifferent look his son always gave him as though he was useless trash.

“Chester, I’m your dad. Also, look at your current state. You can’t even sit up, much less walk. What do you know? What gives you the right to criticize me?”

After Hunter told Chester off, a thought flashed across his mind. All of a sudden, he pointed at Chester and snorted. “I got it. You told Ken to protect that b*tch because you knew, huh? Not only did you not stop them, but you even sided with outsiders.”

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JamieLynn Bodart Barnes
I am so sick of paying for this novel and. Being toad when I can read a little bit of the book! If. I ever get done with this book I will NEVER read another book from this Site!!!
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Wilberene Cameron
This Author makes you suffer everyone in this story suffer so much this author show mercy.

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