I want to try.

It was dark when Rim woke up. Realizing that she didn't have evening work today, she decided to learn more of her cooking by the help of YouTube.

Tomorrow is her day to cook she must practice what she has learnt.

As the old lady didn't see Rim when she by passed the kitchen, she told one one of the maids Rosalinda to go and call her. Hearing the knock on her room door, Rim logged out of YouTube and opened the door. Grandma want to see you. Rosalinda said un willingly and disappeared from Rim's sight like she was being chased by a ghost.

Rim got used to their behaviors so she wasn't affected but only wondered what the old lady could be wanting her for.

She put her phone into her suit case, locked it and strolled out of the room. She looked for the old lady and she wasn't in the living room or dinning table Rim went straight to the kitchen.

Reaching there, Rim saw the old lady happily chatting with Magdalena. She waited for them to stop and then approached the old lady. Yes grandma she outtered.

My dear Rim did you plan on going on hungry strike. You haven't had lunch and dinner now you ain't willing to eat. Is the fever that much? The old lady asked her with love. Rim felt warmth with in because of the old lady's words. The care she gets from her is like that of her real grandma. It's bad that she can't visit her because she fear those relatives to harm her.

Grandma l wasn't feeling hungry so l slept. Rim replied. No dear you have to eat whether hungry or not. You will get diseases of you don't eat.Magdalena get a plate filled with food for Rim here. She will eat when am here watching. 

The old lady knows that this child is suffering emotionally even though she is trying to be strong. But she is after all a child. Who was raised in richness. In fact the old lady never blamed Rim for anything. Being also grown up in wealth, she understand how rich parents raise their children. All house work is done by the servants. These parents don't take time to educate the kids on the chores. They sometimes forget that they won't always be with their kids forever. That the kids will sometimes have to live on  their own and suffer because of their parents' carelessness. 

The old lady sighed as her mind came back from wondering thoughts. She glanced at Rim and shook her head. 

Rim obediently sat down under the killing gazes of other maids which she turned a blind eye too as usual and begun eating the food Magdalena put on the plate. The old lady is the only one good too her she wouldn't want to make her angry. 

After eating, Rim thanked Magdalena for the food and went to watch the plate. The old woman was happy that she ate and thus told all the maids to gather near her. 

They are five maids in the villa. Magdalena and Rim inclusive. 

It has been a while since we went to the beach all of you. So tomorrow,we will all have a family day out on the beach.You are all coming with us. No one is staying. With that said, the old lady left the kitchen. Although the old lady said all of them, but Rim understood that she was referring to her. She thought that Rim will make an excuse to stay at home. Rim laughed at that thought.

The old lady little did she know that swimming and playing at the beach are one of Rim's favorite. She felt happy instantly. May be l should use the opportunity to bring myself back to live. She decided in her mind. 

All the other maid's mood also lit up. For those who have been with the Johnson family over the years like Rosalinda, Kate and Harriet knows what it means to go out with them. They enjoyed traveling with this family. They got themselves to see various things outside. Some of the things they wouldn't get a chance to see when they are outside the Johnson family. 

Apart from the high salaries they get, these are the other things they love about Johnson family. 

That night Rim spoke with her brother over the phone. She was happy to know that he got the first position in the mid term exams. Rim promised him a gift if he also gets the same position in the end of the term exams. 

After hunging of the phone, Rim looked into suit case for something to wear tomorrow. For a period of time, she realized that she needs new clothes. All the one she has now are one year old. I think the salary for one month will be enough for the dam shopping. She whispered to herself. 

She finally ironed a denim damaged Jean pant navy blue in color and a yellow crop top. She hanged them on her drawer. Afterward she got her back pack and put her red bikini into it. She got another set of bikini and also shoved it on the bag. Just in case l need a change. She muttered to herself. When she was done putting all her required things in the bag, Rim played with her phone and later went in the dreamland. 

She woke up early morning and went to the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. Magdalena was shocked to see her early in the morning. 

Good morning Magdalena. What's for breakfast today? Rim asked. Magdalena this time didn't look at her with disguise. But asked her if she wants to cook. It's written on their maid's chart that Rim is the one cooking today. But as usually, the old lady told Magdalena to cook instead of Rim yesterday. 

Yes since it's my day l want to try cooking. Rim answered pitifully. 

Hmm okay l will be here to help you incase you need anything. Here is the bread, eggs and cheese. Some bread put black chill because sir want spicy food. Magdalena explained. Rim thought that Magdalena has changed her attitude towards her. She noticed it from yesterday at dinner. 

Okay let me start then. Rim said as she got the salmon bread and eggs and cheese. 

She fried eggs using butter. When they were done, she sliced the cheese into square cubes. She then got the bread and cut it in the middle, the eggs also she made them into rectangular shapes to match the size of the bread. 

Rim filled the bread with the eggs pieces and cheese. She did like that to more than twenty breads. 

She asked Magdalena if she missed something. Magdalena was happy that she decided to do something. After testing everything, she told Rim that everything was fine. 

So together they put breakfast on the dinning table. 

When the old lady got to know that today's breakfast was prepared by Rim, she was so happy that she rewarded her with money.

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