Chapter 10


I stood in front of the hospital building once again. Staring at the signboard, my mind thought about everything the doctor said to me just a while ago.

When I ran out of my father's ward, I went to the doctor to consult about his condition. Although he did not talk to me with much respect, but I was still relieved that he explained and informed me about everything.

He told me that they can only delay my father's operation by two weeks. If prolonged for more than this time, he might die soon. There was no guarantee about anything so it would be better if I deposited ten million as soon as possible.

My head was hurting. My heart was being crushed. I did not know what to do once again.

Going through the practical options in my mind one by one, I even thought about selling myself once again. This was shitty. Too horrible but what did I have to offer except my body for that much money. But then I re
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This novel is worth of every penny...️ love it!
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Ann Ruth
yup ang ds novel is so expensive not worth it
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Iulia Nita
I was thinking the same way!!

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