Chapter 49

After Anne and Jane changed Jes's clothes with clean and dry clothes.  They returned to the mansion.  Jes is not yet conscious because of the influence of the injection drug given by Robert.  But that's okay, because maybe when he arrives at the mansion, Jes will soon wake up.

 Adam didn't turn to have Jes by his side.  He gripped Jes's fingers tightly and repeatedly stroked the strands of his hair.  Adam did not hesitate to show his love at that time.  Seeing the weak Jes unconscious earlier was enough to make him almost go crazy.  He didn't want anything to happen to Jes, let alone lose him.  He must be really crazy.  Just look at him earlier, he almost killed a lot of people.

 David who was in the same car with Adam only had a straight face.  It's no wonder Adam's attitude is now too excessive.  “Love does blind people and make them weak.”  David said to himself.


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