The party is only a few days away…. 

I could feel the warmth of his breath on my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Every touch, sending sparks - no lightning - over my skin. His fingers running down between my breasts, over my stomach, along my hips and thighs. When he got to my knees, flattened his hand running his palm and fingertips up my inner thigh, stopping at my pelvic bone. 

His lips caressing my neck, up to my ear. His voice, deep but velvety, brought goosebumps to my skin. "Is that what you want?" His teeth, nipping at my ear lobe…. 

I woke up from what felt like the perfect reality, surrounded by pillows, entwined in my blankets. I wanted to wake up next to….. someone. 

The sun was cresting over the wall of

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