Point blank

Blaze and Bella nodded at each other, before slowly walking out of the room. Bella found Stephen is back in the chair on which he was reading something earlier. Blaze nodded at Bella and indicated upstairs. They know where Bella's mother is, but they don't know where her grandmother is. 

Bella is worried that her grandmother might be in some kind of trouble. They searched all the rooms upstairs, but there is no sign of Doris anywhere.

"Where is she?" Bella whispered.

Blaze has a frown marring his forehead. 

"You told me she was visiting a friend of hers. Are you sure she came back yet?" Blaze asked remembering their conversation from the day of her birthday party.

Bella frowned.

"I don't know. Mom said it might take her a few days to come back. If it is so, then she must be safe" Bella murmured hopefully.

Just then, Brandon gave a message to both of them through their mind link.

'Healers are now attending Scott. His m

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Teiona Walton
she knew he had a gun and still acted kinda dimwitted
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Lois Washington
Come on more than one chapter plz. This is to hard to take

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