Betrothed To The Crown Prince, Wanted By His Brothers.

Betrothed To The Crown Prince, Wanted By His Brothers.

By:  Xee write  Completed
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“You do not know how much I have been wanting to make your legs shake underneath me.” his voice came out barely above a whisper and it sent pools of heat down her legs, her kneels trembling as pleasure seems to be capturing them to its dom. “Then make my legs quiver, Ace. Do it till I can't feel my legs again.” her mesmerizing voice came out in a whisper, her hands reaching out to his fuck tools and fuck! He cursed, driving roughly into her. “Give me your throne or give me your woman” Ace watches his cruel brother, whom he had loved all his life, spill out the most tragedic statement to him. What happens when the three brothers are after the throne, yet in love with one woman, and each would go to any length just to have the woman and also keep the throne? And the young lady who was already involved with one of the weakest brothers, will the love of another erase the thought of another from her? Or will she stay stuck between the three brothers? What would be her fate?

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Xee write
Hi guys. I am the author of this great novel and I am grateful for the number of reads I have, I am glad you all are enjoying the read but I hope you all begin to drop comments soon, as it gives me more passion to write the book. Thanks.......
2023-05-08 05:19:25
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Delinda Schumacher
22 chapters 4-1-23
2023-04-02 00:28:08
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Engagement news.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. Chapter 1 Princess Amy POV"You look extremely beautiful, my princess," Amelie, my maid praises me after she's done making my hair, and my reflection in the mirror is evidence of what she just said. "Thank you, Amelie," I smile at her while checking myself out to be sure that I'm perfectly beautiful. I'm about to go see the love of my life, so I should look my best, as always. Thinking about prince Alfred, my heart flutters in excitement as a smile curves up my lips. Prince Alfred and I have been together for quite some time now, and I love him so much. Our love story started two years ago, our meeting was a coincidence, but we grew more attached to each other over the recent years. Today makes it exactly two years since we started dating, and he told me to meet him up at the usual spot we do meet that he has a surprise for me. I'm curious to know what the surprise is. "Amelie..." I call and pause, turning to face her as I stand up to my feet. "Ye
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Alleged battle for throne.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. Chapter 2Prince Ace Thompson Standing in the balcony of my room, I stare up at the beautiful and bright sky, many thoughts running through my mind. Guess what day it is today? Well, today is the day I, prince Ace, the son of Emperor George of Blue Knight kingdom, will be crowned as the future king of the Blue Knight Kingdom. Taking a deep breath, I throw my head back. I'm scared of so many things. I don't know if I will be able to rule my people and be a good king to them when I finally become the king. I'm scared that I may not meet their expectations, scared that the burden will be much on me, but who says that my fear can do anything? I have to do this, anyway. Being the first son out of the four children of Emperor George, the responsibility of keeping the family together has been shifted on me just when I turned eighteen. It's hard, trying to maintain peace between my step brother, my brother, and my sister. You can imagine the stress, righ
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A journey to blue knight kingdom.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. Chapter 3 Amy POVTears stream down my cheeks as I glance at my father for the umpteenth time, and he doesn't even look like he's concerned about my tears. I'm finally getting to see the hard side of my father for the first time since I grew up to know him as my father. 'You are a woman, and you have no right to make decisions for yourself. You're going to get married to the crown prince, and that is final!' recalling the words he had said to me yesterday night when I confronted him, I throw my head back on the chair as the carriage transporting us keeps moving. Who said that I can't make decisions for myself because I'm a woman? "Cheer up, my princess. The king will be angry if he finds you crying," Amelie whispers to me, mopping my tears with the handkerchief in her hand, but more only keep coming. He can do his worse for all I care. I can't believe that I'm getting married today, but to a stranger, I've never met all my life, and
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An hour to coronation.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. Chapter 4Prince Ace Thompson "Are you OK, brother?" Alexa, my seventeen years old little sister asks for the umpteenth time as she holds my hand. I just finished getting dressed for the coronation, and it should kick start in an hour or less. "Yes, Alexa. I'm fine. Does it look like I'm not?" I reply to her, even though it's obvious that I'm not fine. How the hell am I supposed to be, when my brother is threatening me for no reason? How am I supposed to tell her that our brother doesn't want me to rule as the true heir, but wants himself to rule instead? "I'm not convinced, Ace. But if you say that you're fine, then I won't question you again," She shrugs, and I nod my head. "I can't wait to see you have the crown on your head as the future emperor of the Blue Knight kingdom. Oh my God, I'm so going to be happy," She squeaks excitedly, while I smile at her. I'm supposed to be happy too, but I don't feel too bright. Aside from having many things dis
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My Fiance, my betrothed.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. Chapter 5 Princess Amy POV"Everything will be fine... You will get over this eventually," I assure myself, walking down the aisle a few minutes later. I can hear loud claps from the people, but my gaze is held low. I finally stop walking, and a familiar cologne fills my nostrils. Tilting my head in the direction of the cologne, I almost roll my eyes when I spot my father sitting there with a wide smile on his face. He must be extremely happy that he's going to marry his only child off against her will, because if not, what the hell is funny that is making him smile so excitedly? "Amy?" I feel like someone called my name, and I snap my head up, my gaze meeting with Alfred. He is sitting there while having his mouth agape. He looks extremely shocked to the bone, confusion was written all over his face. "You are welcome to Blue Knight kingdom, princess Amy," A deep voice sounds through my ears, pulling my attention, and that is wh
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Fight for the throne, Alfred.
Fight for the throne, Alfred. BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. CHAPTER 6 PRINCESS AMY’S POV. "What is the feisty princess doing here? I thought you were supposed to be in your room?" I turn sharply to see the prince from earlier. Prince Axel. What is he doing here? Is he stalking me?I held my gown with my palms, trying so hard to calm my nerves. I pray he doesn't suspect a thing, and what if he does? I finally brace myself, I mean do I give a fuck about it. “And what is the plucky prince doing here? Isn't he supposed to be in his room?” I retorted as I tugged the strand of hair that fell to my forehead, away to the back of my ear. I watched as his expression changed and he soon held his both hands into a fist, it looks like he was hot-tempered, and the slightest thing could trigger him, but I'm less concerned. He finally screwed the expression away from his face and chuckled dryly. “Come on princess, it's not something to take seriously I was just___” he trie
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Ill fate.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. CHAPTER 7. ALFRED’S POV. “Fight for the throne, become the king, and make me your queen?” She asserted and my both eyes widen in shock. “Huh?” I questioned my eyes widen in shock, and I felt as though they were going to jump out of their socket. Did I really hear her? Did she say I should do that, how can she even assert something like that to me?I scoffed and chuckled dryly, my eyes fixed on her body, piercing and burning her deeply. “How can you even think of that Amy? I asked with a scoff and she narrowed her eyes at me, and further scoffed. “What else do you think of Alfred? How else do you want to keep me?” she inquires with a scoff and my heart misses a beat. What the hell is Amy saying? How will she even think of that? “How would you even think of that Amy?” I finally questioned as I felt her countenance change. “That is the only way Alfred, that is the only way to keep me.” she further asserted, and I stares at her, I didn't
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His sweet imaginations.
BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE.CHAPTER 8.PRINCE ACE’S POV.Standing at the varendah, at the front of my room, I inhaled slightly and finally took my gaze off the space. It's been 5hours since the coronation ended and I haven't been able to get my mind off the princess. The thought of her keeps nagging at me, and I can't help but blush, her hands against mine were so soft, her skin, smooth and silky like milk. Her eyes were dazzling attractive. The thought of spending the rest of my life with her brushes through my mind and I felt my stomach unflurs in joy.I thought it was going to be a bad idea, since I haven't ever thought of getting myself a girlfriend. All I ever wanted was to rule my kingdom and meet up with the required criteria. But now, I suddenly want a woman beside me and not just any woman, I want it to be her. They was really something about her that attracted me to her, she was utterly calm, and her beauty was out of the usual. It was rare. I haven't really being int
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Caught with Alfred
Authoress: Zeemoney.BETROTHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE. CHAPTER 9.PRINCESS AMY’S POV. “My princess,” I heard a familiar voice in my slumber and I tossed recklessly. “My princess, you should be awake by now.” I heard Amelia’s voice again and I tossed recklessly on my bed, I groaned angrily and sit upright on my bed, teasing my eyes and sending the sleep away. “It's your engagement day my princess you should be dressed by now,” she whispers inaudibly and I shot her a stare, she lowered her gaze and I stood from the bed. “I'm sorry.” she quickly apologized, but I ignored her and advanced towards the bathroom. “The maids have missed your bath water, do you still need my help?” she inquired and I shook my head before finally advancing into the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom after which I had my bath. Stepping out of the bathroom I meet the place looking really nice and arranged, and I didn't need anybody to tell me that the maids had it done.I soon stopped abruptly at my track w
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Engagement went wrong.
BETTORHED TO THE CROWN PRINCE.Chapter 10Ashley pov. My breath hitches in my throat and I suddenly prayed for the ground to open and swallow me, what do I say to him? How did he find out I was here? Could Amelia have said anything to him? I managed to get a glimpse of how Amelia’s face was, so much fear was written all over her face. It was clear that she didn't also know of his arrival. Did he follow me here? with this, I knew I was doomed. His eyes scanned I and Alfred and I soon felt hot chills running down my spine. “Amy” his voice called out, in a very calm way it was not what I expected cause of the expression on his face. “Your majesty” I heard Alfred's shaky voice, and I gulped down nothing. I really need to say something or my father would forget that today is my engagement day and disgrace the both of us. As much as I want to shout out to him and tell him who this man, means to me. As much as I want to shout out and tell him how much I love this man, I also have to be
Read more Protection Status