Chapter Sixteen

Rosalyn's pov

Isabelle and I sat in Alessandro's hospital room as we watched him sleep. Michael, Jermaine and Genevieve had already visited and left, I had also apologized to izzy for my behavior the other day I was just angry and I took it out on her when really I should be snapping her father's neck but I'll let that stay for now. I also noticed that since Isabelle shifted she looks more like a sixteen year old now, Her body is maturing into a young woman thanks to the help of her wolf, Jermaine has also been teaching her everything she needs to know.

The doctor says Alessandro's condition is improving his vitals are stable, his breathing back to normal and he doesn't look as pale as he did before so he may be able to wake up any day now. I could tell that Isabelle blamed herself for his condition and I have told her many times before that it wasn't her fault but I know the person she needs to hear that from is laying unconscious at the moment. I

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