How did  she land into all these?What must her mother be thinking of her?She had least expected that mom would disclose everything to dad.Her mother had carried out due medical examination and  discovered the true reason behind her illness.What would Nancy and MARIA be thinking?She had no courage to face anyone at the college not even her dear Vivian .Would he have disclosed the secret to his friends ?Hope not!

She found that dad had been avoiding her .He couldn’t look up at her.What action was he going to take?She had no means to contact her partner in crime.Was that a crime?NO,she had heard dad hint many times that it was natural for humans to seek their mates once they acquired biological  eligibility for the same.Well so it was neither required nor sane for any adult human to control their passions.Men were born savage like any other animals they had similar instincts with the only difference that they could put on pretence.What was the need of all th

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