Bound By Fate

Bound By Fate

By:  Misskkholic  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amelia Dawn, a simple girl from Houston, finds herself thrust into a world of danger, in the body of the Elara Stone, a Princess of ‘Wantra’ and when Emperor Marcus Darkwood, a man with demon's powers, marries her forcefully because of his hate towards her, she determines to end his tyranny, and sets out on a daring quest to confront the emperor. But as their relationship evolves, Marcus starts to change, using his powers for good and their hatred for each other turns into an eternal love. Along the way, Elara discovers secrets about herself, her true destiny, and the connection between Amelia and Elara’s bodies, leading to unexpected twists and turns. Will Elara find the strength to overcome darkness and bring victory to her kingdom? Will Amelia ever be able to find her way back to her home? Join Princess Elara on an epic journey of courage, love, and sacrifice in this thrilling tale of power and redemption.

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5 Chapters
"Where are my parents?" I ask my aunt Margaret as tears start brimming from my eyes. There's a celebration today in my school; every student's person is coming today, and I have no idea about my parents. In my fifteen years of life, I've only seen their pictures. Margaret never tells me about them. But my patience has reached its high; I can't wait anymore, I want to meet my parents. Margaret turns her face, diverting her gaze away as she utters, "Amelia. Go to school first. Don't think about these things." Without giving a decent explanation, she goes outside of the room, leaving me alone there with my abrupt questions. "Mom…dad…I only saw you in photos. Where are you? Why did you leave me alone here?" As a tear rolls down on my cheek, the corners of my mouth are drawn downward, the intense amount of misery I'm feeling as an orphan; only I can understand that. "I don't want to go to school, but I don't have any other option. I have to go." I wipe my tears. There are ma
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In my throne room with black marble floors and towering obsidian pillars; I am sitting on my throne (studded with gems) wearing a majestic robe of deepest black velvet, trimmed with gold and encrusted with jewels that glimmer in the light. Beneath the robe, garments of fine silk, tailored to perfection and adorned with intricate patterns that speak of my status as ruler. My gold crown gleams atop my head, a symbol of my sovereignty and dominion over the whole Aetheria.My fixed gaze over the man who's on his knees in front of me, tied with heavy metal chains, is piercing that man's soul. He knows what's about to come and it's delighting me that my fear is showing in his eyes.Lucas Irons, the prime minister of the Aetheria and the most faithful person to me, takes a step forward to the man as he says, “Your Highness, this man was spotted stealing food from the royal kitchen. What should we do with this man?”As I stand up, I take a grip on my sword and start walking towards that man,
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I was fifteen when I found myself thrust into the mysterious world of Wantra and now it has been five years since I came here. Now I'm twenty years old. I learnt fencing, diplomacy, leadership skills, to become a prominent queen. One day, I heard about the Celestia Bloom flower and I decided to go to Aetheron and take the Celestia Bloom flower, as it can only be found in Aetheron, the capital of Aetheria; I wanted to have that flower because I like achieving things which are hard to achieve. I and Julie reach our palace after plucking the flower; it takes a few days for us to reach Wantra from Aetheron through the royal ship. Julie is my special court lady and my best friend too, she became my court lady at the age of fifteen; our friendship is genuine even when one is princess and the other is court lady. Julie turns her face to me as we enter the palace. "Elara, you should have thanked him, at least. He saved your life." I don't even glance at her as I say, "That scoundre
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I reach the palace and pass an order that a painter and royal doctor should be sent to my room immediately. I enter my royal chamber; as the royal doctor and painter come into my royal chamber, the royal doctor takes off my coat and shirt; he starts bandaging the wound on my chest. I begin to describe that girl's eyes, so that the painter can craft an engaging painting of her eyes.To get her painting done, I memorize and describe her eyes to the painter as if I've been watching her for years. Lucas gathers courage as he asks, “Your Highness! Why are you getting that mannerless girl's painting made?” I don't even bother to give a glance to him or reply to anything. Lucas gasps as he doesn't get any response from me. As the royal painter says, “It's done, my lord!” my eyes shimmer and I flash a wide grin as the painter gives me her painting. I observe that painting carefully and my heart swells with joy. I can not believe that—that painter has made such a wonderful painting of her ey
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As I enter my royal chamber, I embrace Julie in a tight hug, my cheeks must have turned red like a tomato. I'm blushing for sure. Julie gets stunned by my sudden hug and asks, “What happened? Are you okay?” I pull back, breaking the hug. My eyes shimmer, heat rising to my cheeks. Flashing a wide grin to her, I proclaim, “I said yes to him, for marriage.” Julie's mouth drops open. She is stunned hearing that from my mouth. “What! Why? I mean…you said you don't want to get married to anyone,” Julie asks in surprise. “The one who was saying an hour ago that she does not want to marry anyone, is now herself saying yes to marriage. That's unbelievable!”I chuckle and turn slightly as I begin to tell her, “Yes, I said that I don't want to marry anyone at that time, because back then I hadn't met him. He's intelligent, powerful and strong. I think I'll not regret marrying him. He won my heart.” I turn back to her as I continue, “ And you know he threw the apple in the air, shot the arro
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