87_ pain


I wanted to thank the Alpha because every whip that he gave me My real senses are coming back. I was a royal blood soldier. And I do have a task: kill the hybrid. Aside from that, I know that by doing this, Serena might come back to her senses as well.

and hoping that if she did, we would return or wake up in this past memory, but no matter how difficult or frustrating it was, none of this would haunt me. I could just see Serena's simple smile or laugh. Every time that she escaped to come and visit the falls, it was enough for me to get through all of the whipping of the alpha. Besides, it was not that painful. In just a few hours, all of the wounds would be healed immediately.

Serena wouldn't see it until the next day when we would see each other. It irritates me at times because it appears she doesn't care if someone is punished as a result of her actions. but I realized that she doesn't have any idea that we've been through a lot of punishment because of her. And maybe just
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