Chapter 60


I sighed before sitting in the stool.

"Why did you set an appointment again?" Bungad ko. "You're acting like this is your own house again."

"That hurts! My friend! I was the one who is with you when you're alone, why are you like this!" He sounds like crying.

This is Judge Leonel Gregorio.

"When did I do that?" I asked while drinking an alcohol placed in front of me.

"Have you been fooling around?"

"Do I look like I am?" I asked


Hello! I'm the Author of <The Verdict>, PennFeather. To think that the day when I could finish this story safely would arrive. I changed the romance flow in the story and changed some minor characters. It took my whole Christmas break to finish this, from December 20 to January 01. I'm some what satisfied with this version so I hope I won't get any more new ideas. If ever, you can visit my Wattpad account for the other version of this. Thank you all for reading <The Verdict> without your support this would not be possible. I'll see you soon with another book! Lovelotsss!! <The Verdict> Case closed. -E.I-

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