Chapter 6 - Nice Drool

Ace just remained gaping for a long time as he tried to understand what Blaze said while Blaze just continued to stare at Ace with his usually calm face. 

"I can't make everyone's dream come true but I can…with your dream..." Blaze continued playfully and waited for Ace's response but Ace just continued to gape blankly at him without saying anything, making him impatient. 

"You don't want to?" Blaze continued to ask with his raised brow. 

Ace continued to gape like an idiot with his slightly opened mouth while Blaze is becoming impatient with waiting. 

"Okay, it's a no..." Blaze huffed and unconcernedly shrugged before he stood up from the chair and started to walk past Ace. <

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Mariam Traore
I really like it but I am not impatient

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