Loving You Was A Mistake
Loving You Was A Mistake
Author: Angel

Love at First Sight?

4 years before...

She enters into her department and goes towards her class along with her best friend. There was a smile on her face and she was in her own world.

“Ansha!”, her friend called her back to reality.


“These are only our first days of university and you are already smiling like an idiot.

Tell me what happened that left you all smiles and I don't even noticed that.”

“Rabeel! It's nothing like you're thinking. There is anything in my life that I can hide from you? You're my best friend since junior school. You know all about me.”

“Yes I know all about you that's why I'm asking what is on your mind that you keep smiling.”

Ansha smiled more.

“Well, I'm just thinking about life, just a month back, I was in my most depressed state and at that time I can't expect that my life would turn out like this.”

There was a series of flashbacks of past few months of her life.

How she scored less than she should and lost her chance to get in her desired field of another university.

How her parents persuade her to apply in this university and how she ended up here.

Her best friend also got selected here after few days of initial classes and she is again her classmate now.

She thinks that life could not be more perfect.

“Me too.” Rabeel replied.

“Well, they say that everything happens for our own good. Maybe they are right.”

She added playfully, then they both burst out laughing and entered their classroom just like that.

Ansha was unaware that her presence has lit up someone's world just by laughing. He was silently admiring her. But she never cast a look towards him. And he never minds.

“Hey Ansha! There is quite some time in the class. Let's go outside.”

Ansha agreed and they both go outside the classroom to wander.

They started from library according to their everyday routine and take a tour there observing everyone. Smiling evilly at the couple sitting there.

Then they went to Girl's Common Room where Rabeel freshen up herself.

Ansha looked at her best friend from back admires her chubby appearance and her presence in her life.

“Now why you are staring at me like that?”

“You're already looking pretty can't you just hurry up?” She said flipping her hairs to back from shoulder.

“I want to go outside.”

She teased her. “And it's not like that your boyfriend is waiting outside.” And as expected Rabeel is annoyed.

“What if I found the one there? You never know.” She huffed.

Taking the pleasure from her annoyance she takes her hand and moves towards the door.

Then they stroll around the canteen and on their return from there they stand near the iron fence of the garden which was along the building entry gate.

They were looking towards the main gate of department where the number of students entering were increased as only minutes left in the lecture to start. They were as usually waiting for their third friend.

“So did you find your soulmate?” Ansha asked her laughingly.

“You're thinking that this is funny? I know there is one out there only for me. We just didn't find each other up until now. But we will.”

“And I'll be the first one to know.” Ansha demanded.

“Yes! Other than you who will be.” She states as a matter of fact.

“But where and when will you find your perfect one? I just think that I have to find one for you first so that you won't interfere in my quest for my soulmate.”

“Hey! I'm not going to stop butting in your affairs even if I'm married and have 2, 3 children. Or old at the age of 60 with my grandchildren.”

“Seriously?” Rabeel laughs so hard that it seemed that she will be rolling on the floor any second.

“It's not funny.” Ansha said and Rabeel laughed more.

“Not even a little bit.” She added but there was no sign of Rabeel to stop her laughter session.

“OK just behave like a civilized human now. Everyone is looking towards us.” She said looking towards the growing number of students rushing for their classes.

“So let them look.” She said stopping her laugh.

“As if they didn't saw a girl laughing before.” And they both laughed and high-five each other.

“Why she is always late?” Rabeel was irritated and suddenly look towards the main gate.

“Hey look Ansha! Your best friend!” She said with an evil smile.

Now it was Ansha's turn to be teased.

She also looked there, in Rabeel's hinted direction.

There was a girl who most irritates Ansha just by doing nothing. Only her presence annoyed her so much that she wants to hide from her. But the pleasuring part for Rabeel is that, the girl named Nisha is always so sweet to Ansha and she can't just jerk her off. She had to bear her with patience and this is more hilarious to Rabeel as she always teases her on this.

Nisha was just entering the gate. There was a person in front of her that she almost missed but her eyes set on him for a fraction of second before stopping at Nisha and then suddenly she hits Rabeel on her shoulder for teasing her.

She looked back at Nisha hoping that she doesn’t see them, but again her eyes stopped at him.

He was looking at them.

She didn't see his eyes as he was wearing sunglasses. But he momentarily stopped and stared at them. And then proceed to enter the building.

Her eyes followed him but he mixed-up in crowd.

This all happened in just 2 minutes.

In the first time in her life she wants to see a boy again.

She wants to converse with him.

His personality just attracts her in a way that she can't describes.

She was lost for a moment.

She looks at Rabeel as to see if she notices something. Much to her relief she was looking towards the main gate.

She choose to hide this from her. As she just takes this as a momentary infatuation which will just last until her first class will over.

Much t her ignorance, she doesn't know that it was just a start of her hiding things from her best friend or anyone.

“Just call her and asked where is she.” Ansha suggested to her.

Rabeel takes out her mobile and initiates the call.

Ansha's mind was once again on the incident happen just now.

She came to conclusion that he stops because he thinks Rabeel teased her because of him. And now she was just all embarrassed.

“Here, she comes as there are only 2 minutes left in the lecture.” Rabeel said grumpily.

Ansha was once again pulled back into reality. And the three rushes off to their class.

Unaware of herself she just hoped to see him again.

This was the start of her upcoming many restless nights.

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