Chapter 2486

Marcus was stunned when he heard Sabrina.

After being stunned for a long while, he said to Sabrina with an extremely incredulous tone, "What… What did you say? What do you mean Yvonne is missing?"

Sabrina did not answer his question. Instead, she looked at him with a complicated expression. "Marcus, I want you to tell me the truth. It has already been so many years. Have you really treated me as your friend?"

"What friend?" Marcus answers with slight annoyance, "You're my cousin! Cousin! We're family. We're closer than friends. Sabrina, I'm begging you, this is not the time for us to discuss our kinship. You have to tell me what happened to Yvonne. How come she is missing? What the hell happened to Yvonne? Are you trying to kill me with anxiety, Sabrina?"

Marcus had never been a person to burst out in anger like that. Sabrina also did not see the slightest bit of pretense in Marcus' expression.

In fact, Sabrina knew well that Marcus was never a person to play pretend.

However, th
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