Chapter LVII

Emily and Ian broke their fast together as she was looking at her husband. Ian was looking suave with the black Ditto suit as his breeches, waistcoat, and coat were matched. Emily was looking at him up and down as Ian was sipping on his blood-laced tea as Emily was eating her scrambled eggs. Then, she sipped on her blood-laced tea as well before dabbing her mouth and clearing her throat. "So, will you be gone long, my love?" she asked as Ian was turning the pages of The Island. Then, he was closing the papers when Ian was focusing his amber eyes on her. Emily smiled when she saw that Ian was smirking at her.

"Why, my love? Are you anxious to have me again in your bed, Emmy?" her husband asked her as Emily was tracing her eyes all over his body. His muscular, hard chest, broad shoulders, and his powerful thighs.

Those power thighs made her scream for hours last night.

Emily covered her eyes as she knew that her iris were

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