“Once again it’s Friday, my favourite day of the week.” Thea stretches as we exit Geometry class.

“Not me. It’s the one day I have a class where I’m seat partners with Alexa and she tries really hard to piss me off every time.” I slam my locker shut so hard it rattles, threatening to come off its hinges.

“Sucks to be you. See you later though. Remember, you can’t hurt her.” Thea gives me a thumbs up as she walks to her next class before the bell even rings. I drag my feet to Literature class and slump in my seat. The bell rings and in walks Alexa and the girl whose punch I will never forget – her name is Tracy.

“Ok class we don’t have much to discuss today, we’re going to continue from where we stopped in our books last week and ask questions at the end of the class.” The only sound heard in the room is the sound of flipping pages as Mrs. Jones returns to her desk.

“Hey Rhonda.” Here we go again.

“It’s Onda, get it right.”

“Sorry, it’s


This is a pretty long chapter. It gets better don't worry 😄

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