Chapter 61 The challenge

Ayasu gently pushed Aurelia forward by the small of her back. The light touch had a mother's care and leader's insistence. Her bright yellow eyes regarded Aurelia with respect. "Please forgive Juma. He never wanted to be chief. He loved the hunter's life and all the dangers that came with it."

Aurelia leaned against the cold stone and scratched her back against the rough edges of the wall, "I thought you were against Zinjo and I being together."

"I wanted to hate you. You are the one who stole my Zinjo from me, or at least that's what I thought at first," Ayasu smirked as a sigh of relief escaped the lips of the princess. "I saw the way my Zinjo looks at you. Many young lionesses tried to win his heart, but he would have none of them."

"Why?" the question burned in the back of Aurelia's mind like a hot coal.

"Zinjo always had a fascination with the outside world and desired to explore it. His father, Imamu, tried to talk him out of it, as did Juma. H
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