30. Aaron’s Change of Heart

This is it.

Today my bestfriend is marrying my brother and there is nothing I can do about it.

At this juncture, all I want is to make sure that this wedding goes well so that she and Arthur will have their happily ever after.


I must confess, my feelings today are quite contrary compared to what it was before.

Just a month and a half ago, I had punched my brother in the face. Heck, if I could kill him, I would have, back then. 

Arthur had abused my trust, despite knowing full well that I love her. I have waited for her to love me back for eight long years.

Victory is my first love and she is unlike any girl I have ever met before.

She has never tried make herself prettier over some guy, she's never tried to make herself look dumb just to appease a man's ego, she's always game for new adventures, she'd never judge you based on your looks, social status or money.

Basically, she would accept you as

F. A. R.

Hi! What do you think of Aaron’s side of the story? I look forward to reading your comments. xx F.A.R. Ps: Do give me some gems and share your review for the book. Thank you!

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