Chapter 21

It has been six months since Hannia left. My father has given me the Alpha of our pack; it is a great challenge, but I always strived to be prepared for when this moment came. My first challenge was to go to the aid of one of our neighboring packs, a rather large group of exiles attacked them.

Together with my warriors and Beta Ivan of Red Winter Clan, we went to their support. However, a tragedy that no one could prevent, when the battle was over, a rogue came out of nowhere. It attacked Beta Ivan from behind, destroying his neck and causing his death.

I had to inform Hansen and Alania what had happened; both were devastated by losing a great wolf, my Beta Connor, and my Gama Travis. Is one of my best friends delivered the body so that it could be buried.

Hansen decided it was not the time to tell Hannia, she was too far away, and it would do no good to worry her; I agreed. Alania broke the news to Alexia,

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