I'd like to think I've done all I could to be a descent and good person. In the thrilling time spent being immersed in a new world there often comes the alluring temptation to abandon all your ways and succumb to an overwhelming need.

Stepping into my apartment after my father left I wasn't sure where to begin with Nicky. Throughout the time my father had been there, the moment that we shared had settled in the back of our minds on a slow burn.

However, with him gone it returned to the forefront bombarding us with the question on what to do.

Doing my best to ignore the dark look in his eyes I scurried towards the sink and busied myself with cleaning up only falling short when there was nothing in there to help distract me from the anxious feeling. And till this day I blush and find my breaths coming out short at the permanent mark he made when he came and stood dangerously close to my delicate frame. "Just breathe," were the words I vividly remember chanting over and over again in m
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Melissa Wilson
This was an amazing chapter!! The lion did not lie to the gazelle!!

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