JUNO'S point of view

I rolled my eyes hearing my boyfriend's brave remark.

"Really? Or you're gonna scream like a barbie girl-"

"Hey!" He protested, glaring at me. "That's not what I did to Eugene. I beat him into a pulp when he dared to rise his tongue against you right in front of my face!"

He even straightened his back and flexed his muscles to show how strong and courageous he was. I bit my bottom lip to stifle the laughter emerging in my throat.

"Of course you are, my dear. Now let's go and show that guy how strong my boyfriend is," I grinned at him teasingly as I clung my arm around his, pulling him out of the room.

"Seriously! I'm not kidding, babe! I would willingly get my knuckles bloody for you." He insisted as we marched down the stairs.

"Of course! And I'd... willingly sit down and watch those horrible movies for you."

His eyes narrowed at my response. I laughed loudly as my hand slid down on his fingers, gripping them tightly w
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