STBS: chap 59


I shut my eyes tightly before throwing my bag, and my body as well, in my apartment's couch as soon as I got back home. There were paparazzi downstairs in the parking once again but fortunately, they didn't approach me this time. They just took pictures from afar - but then, that didn't make it less annoying.

I texted Johnny to come and visit me again tonight. It's been a while since I had drink and it's been so long since the last time we've bonded so I thought I'll invite him here for that. He quickly said yes so I already listed the restaurants I would call for delivery later. He, on the other hand, would buy the beers for us.

I was busy browsing on the internet, looking for a nice film to watch, when Astra's contact name pop up on the notification.


I'm going home! Mom will spend the night here in the hospital instead.


And then a follow up text came up.


What you doing tonight? Got any plans?

I typed in a reply quickly.


Drinking with Johnny. You can
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