21 - The Wedding

Mr. Steiner's exhibit was auspicious. A lot of people loved and were impressed by Sidhiel's works. That night was a success.

Of course, Kalyx was with him that night. As well as their families, even Mrs. Porter.

He already forgave his mother. They already talked heart to heart. It would take time for them to be close to one another but they're both willing to work on it.


"Geez, Kalyx. Stop, please. You're making me dizzy." Alena said, staring at her son pacing back and forth in the room.

"Sorry, Mom. I'm just.. just really-"

"Nervous?" Geoff supplied.

Kalyx nodded. "Yeah."

"Well, don't be. Everything's going to be fine, son." Alena said.

"I know.. I just.. what if he changes his mind?" Kalyx's eyes widened at his own realization. "Oh my gosh, Dad, Mom, what if he realized that he doesn't want to get married to me? What if he realized that I'm not the one for him? What i

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