I know what you did last summer

I know what you did last summer

By:  YnahRivera  Ongoing
Language: English
3 ratings
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Aubrey was on vacation with her brother when she met Elisa in an unfortunate event; Elisa was the owner of the hotel where they were staying. They clicked so instantly but Aubrey needs to go back home and leave Elisa with their short love story but the latter can’t take Aubrey off her mind that’s why she decided to look for the girl and when she finally found her something from her past will challenge them.

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Romeo Chan
great novel
2021-04-13 03:00:22
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I like Lisa!
2020-06-28 19:01:21
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I think there's something wrong with your book name???
2020-06-03 11:56:06
37 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Third Person’s Point Of View
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Chapter 2
Elisa's Point Of ViewI sipped on my cocktail as I
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Chapter 3
Aubrey's Point Of View"Sister?" 
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Chapter 4
Elisa’s Point Of View I am awake but I feel like s
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Chapter 5
Elisa’s Point Of ViewIt's been a month sinc
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Chapter 6
Aubrey's Point Of View "Found you."  
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Chapter 7
Third Person's Point Of View "Just one shot, ms."  
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Chapter 8
Elisa's Point Of View "What happened, Aubrey?"  
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Chapter 9
Third Person's Point Of View After their dinner they prepared themselves for bed.  
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Chapter 10
Third Person's Point Of View "Aubrey!"  
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