Javaid smirked.

He moved to the center of the field, he looked around the forest intently. He took a deep breath and began to twirl his hands in a rhythmic motion, his eyes were shut. It was as if a folk song was playing but only he could hear it. He stretched his hands towards a part of the forest and drew his hands towards himself. Out of that part of the forest came a man and son, holding their throats struggling for breath. They crawled on the ground towards them.

Javaid looked on in admiration at his son.

The man and his son were pushed forward by a force they could not control. Cedric brought his rhythmic dance to a halt as he brought them before the feet of his father.

“Look here father”, Cedric smiled with pride, “It was nothing to worry about”

Javaid clapped his hands and looked at his Cedric with so much pride in his eyes, “Well done my son, Well done! You have done so well. I am proud of you”

Cedric bowed, “Thank you father”

“Today you have proven yourself a worthy heir to the throne of Salvador, indeed…”

“Please have mercy, spare me and my son”, the man pleaded, tears in his eyes.

Javaid glared at the old man for a short while with apparent disgust, then he walked towards the horses, “Kill them off!”

Cedric didn’t move immediately, he ran after Javaid, “Father!”

“Kill them off!”

“But father, what have they done?”, Cedric looked back at them, “It is just a father and a son spending time together…just like we are…”

Javaid spun almost immediately, flashing a perfectly manicured finger adorned with diamond rings at Cedric, “Don’t you ever Cedric!”, Javaid shouted, “Don’t you ever compare me with peasants. I am the king of kings and no other king can be compared to me let alone mere peasants.

“My apologies father”, Cedric apologized, “We should just let them go…”

“I do not want to!”


“You can not be a weakling son, you are a member of the blood race!, you are heir to the throne of Salvador, you are my heir! Would you not for once prove you are my son!”

 “What exactly have they done?”

Javaid looked at his son, “Really?, You do not know?”

“Obviously that is why I asked”, Cedric replied.

“He happened to be in the same place as the greatest king in all of the earth”, Javaid retorted, he was livid with anger, “He could not come pay his allegiance. The mere fact that he happened to be in the same place as I king Javaid is enough for me to have his head”, Javaid replied pacing back and forth, “And while we were having a conversation, he dared to interrupt me! Such insolence!. Who gave him the temerity to disregard me in such a demeaning manner?”

Cedric placed his hand on his father’s arm, “Father let it slide!”

 “Don’t you tell me that too!”, Javaid retorted shoving Cedric’s hand of his arm, “Let me show you how it is done Cedric!”, he stormed towards the man and his son. He raised his hand up, the man levitated off the ground, the man struggled against the invisible hold. Javaid with his hand, he squeezed the life out of the man without actually touching me. The man struggled, he flung his legs, his hands clasped around his neck. His veins threatened to pop as they strained against taut skin. Sweat poured down his body.

“Father!”, the little boy cried.

“Father!”, Cedric shouted.

Javaid released his hold on the man oblivious to the pleas around him. His limp body fell to the ground drained of life. His body was white drained of life, his eyes still held fear even in death.

“This is how it works Cedric, you are a member of the blood race, you possess the power to freeze or drain out the blood of your enemy”, Javaid placed his hands on the shoulders of Cedric, “The most beautiful part of it is having to watch your enemy struggle to their death”

Cedric looked at his father, his chest heaved. He was speechless, he was terrified.

“Kill the boy Cedric! let's get out of here”, Javaid said.

“I can not kill him father. He has done nothing to us, he is not threat to…”

“As expected”, Javaid smiled bitterly, “You are a weakling compared to your sister…”

“Enough with the comparisons father!”, Cedric shouted in anger, “I am tired of it!”

“Then prove it Cedric!”, Javaid shouted, “Prove you are the better person, prove that your sister is no match for you at all”, He leaned further towards Cedric, “You know it is the truth Cedric. I am afraid when you are a king, the throne will be taken from you”, Javaid walked away for a while and stopped and turned to him “You are a disappointment Cedric”

He was not gone far when he heard Cedric draw his sword out of his sheath. He stopped and turned to him, “Not the sword Cedric, not the sword. Let it come from inside of you, I want to see your powers. Not some small magic trick, I want to see the full extent of your powers when your enemy is at your feet!”, he growled, “Make your father proud”

“Please don’t…hu…hurt me, help my father sire, please I beg you”, the small boy begged, tears gushing out from his eyes. The boy pushed the dead body of his father trying to rouse them, “Father won’t wake up now, someone has got to take me home, Father! Father! Father please”, the boy pleaded.

Cedric tried to drown out the pleas of the young boy, he had never killed an innocent person.

“Kill him son”, Javaid barked in anger.

Cedric just like his father, lifted the little boy up with a mere gesture of his hand. He fought back the tears that threatened to spill, not willing to show weakness not in front of his father again. The boy struggled, he held on to his neck, his eyes turned red, “Please, please, don’t kill me”,

Cedric looked away, he lifted his hand and squeezed. The boy cried out aloud, his blood slowly froze, his eyes sunk into his pockets. Cedric tossed him away with a mere wave of his hand, he dropped the boy on top his father.

“I am proud to be your father, I am proud to call you my heir”, Javaid smiled. He ruffled his hair.

Cedric felt emotionless after he tossed the boy, he stared at his father with a murderous look in his eyes, “That felt good father”, he twisted his neck, he studied his fingers like he was unable to believe he had done what he did, “Really good”

Javaid embraced him, “You have proven yourself son, you are one of us indeed”

Cedric smiled, “I will not let you down father”

“I think we are done here”, Javaid announced.

Cedric bowed and walked towards the horses.

“Of course you won’t Cedric. The transition is complete, my reign of terror is not over”, Javaid whispered under his breath.

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