A Home Cooked Meal

Once Chiean Hwa entered inside his eyes look at the house of Yang Shizu. The sky blue color walls, perfectly craved wooden furniture, everything is spit and spat in other words everything is on it's place. Chiean Hwa remembered that he is not this clean and neat freak. Even his room is cleaned by the maid appointed at the base.

But Chiean Hwa's heart felt peace and he himself felt so relaxed that he is truly at home. Yang Shizu is staring at Chiean Hwa who is looking at the house of his with very happy and relaxed expression. He wanted to call Chiean Hwa and give him the home slippers but he couldn't dare to do so after seeing how calm and relaxed Chiean Hwa look at the moment.

Chiean Hwa's eyes fell on Yang Shizu who is holding a pair of slippers in his hand he immediately composed himself and asked for the slippers. Without saying anything Yang Shizu put the pair of slippers on the ground and started walking towards the kitchen as he only said, "Get yourself comfor

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