~lunch break~


"Yes? Miss Michael. What is so funny? Care to share with the rest of us?" Mr. Jack had said. His left brow raised at me.

"Uh, am sorry" I muttered.

"Sorry about what exactly? That am busy teaching and you were laughing about God knows what?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Jack. It won't happen again"

"Of course it won't and that's why you will have to turn in a five page essay on why you won't do it again before the end of the week" He said with a puff of breath and I just screamed mentally.


He has seriously got to be kidding me right now.

Five page essay on why I won't do it again? Can’t he just take my word for it?

"Is either that or detention"

Well- I can see that he is dead serious right now and am not about to argue with him on the matter either.

He had a stern look on his face that says, don't dare me so pick wisely.

I guess detention it is because there is no way am going to write a five page essay before the end of the week.


I mean like Never!

"Detention then" I barely whispered the word.

"What? Because I didn't hear you"

Mr. Jack voice had rang through my ears with several other eyes staring at me like I just asked to be hanged on detention stake.

Maybe I did literally but it was my choice and am not going to let anyone judge me for it. Not even with a snort or a flick of an eye at my direction.

I squared my shoulders and said the word again. This time I was pretty loud just so everyone can hear me because I mean exactly what I just said.

"I said detention sir"

He gave me a hard glare before turning to write on the board and I couldn't help but slouched against my desk.

Way to go Ava.


I let out a relieved sigh when the school bell finally rang. I quickly stowed my books away and began to rush out just like everyone else.

I halted in my next hasty step when my eyes fell on a familiar figure leaning causally against the wall just outside my classroom.

As if he could feel my eyes trained on him. His head snapped at my direction just about immediately.

"Hey" he beamed at me before pushing himself off the wall.

My foot came to a stop where he stood. "Hey?, what are you doing here?" I asked. My brow furrowed in confusion. I mean, shouldn't he be somewhere right now or he got kicked out of his class for showing up late.

"Wait! I made you miss out on your class? Oh my God am so sorry" I began to rumbled on and on until I felt his hands across my shoulders.

"Calm down Ava. I didn't miss out on anything"

"Oh! Okay. So how come you got here so fast?"

"My class was just right about the next corner. Plus I thought maybe you might need help getting to your next lecture venue"

His hands fell back to his sides and I put some distance between us.

"Well, you don't have to. I mean, I can find my way or better still ask my classmates?"

I turned to smiled at the girl from earlier and she muttered 'creep' at me causing me to rethink what I just said.

Carlos only glared at the rude girl before turning to me. "Well, am already here. Just hand me your schedule and I will take you to your next class".


Carlos is so sweet and thoughtful. I can't help was but groan internally.

I kept avoiding any more eyes contact with him each time he smiled at me. 

My brain can't handle any more of that cuteness much, you know?


I later met up with Kara and we head out to lunch together. Turns out she has made new friends and was even invited to a party.

It's not like I have ever doubted her ability to make new friends but this is something that comes naturally with Kara unlike me who has to go through a series of trouble to actually get one.

"You should totally come with me Ava. Everyone will be there"

I gave her a sideways glance. "Who is everyone Kar. Don't tell me you already know everyone in Summerfield in just a matter of a single day"

"That's not what I meant but I heard all the cool guys will be there"

"Well I can't"

She gave a dramatic huff and turned to face me.

"Why not?"

I answered with a shrug. "You and I know how my parent react to me attending parties"

"But Ava. You are in high school now and besides, they don't have to know. It can be our little secret"


"C'mon Ava. Say yes already. I bet it will be fun"

"Alright fine but we can't stay longer than 9pm"

She wanted to protest and I gave her a stern look and she snorted at me.

"Alright fine. Just get your outfit ready and I will come pick you"


The cafeteria was already filled with hungry students by the time we made it there which was pretty normal.

We went through the line just like everyone else and grabbed our lunch. Kara and I were still contemplating what table to invade when I noticed Carlos waving at me to come join their table.

He was seating with a group of two other guys and a girl.

Kara raised a suspicious brow at me. "I think someone forgot to mention she already made friends with a hot new guy"

Hot guy?


I wouldn't exactly describe Carlos as hot. Carlos was just a normal guy with short black hair, intelligent blue eyes that was almost brown with that boyish features that could make any girl swoon all over him. 

He has an undeniable subtle energy in his stance that said he was prepared for anything when he stood up against Logan back in the hallway.

"Carlos is just a friend alright? But I wouldn't exactly call him hot"

Kara gave a snort. "What would you call him then? Cute?"

"Can you please stop? He is looking at us"


We walked over to their table and Carlos smiled and patted the seat next to him. "Thanks" I sat across from him and face the new girl. She has beautiful soft eyes when she smiled at me.

"What's your name?"

"Ava. And this is Kara. My best friend"

She smiled even more and extended her hand over the table. "You have a pretty name Ava. I'm Lilly"

My face flushed at her compliment as I took the hand she offered. "You have a pretty name too Lilly"

"Thank you"

Carlos turned and nod at the two guys seating beside Lilly biting down at their chicken legs. "This is Luke and Silas"

"Hello" The first one introduced as Luke gave Kara and I an awkward smile. Silas only glance at us and said nothing.


"So who is also going to the party tonight?" Kara had blurted out.

Carlos raised a brow at her. "There is going to be a party?"

Kara gave a shrug. "Why is everyone acting as if am the only one who have been invited to the party"

"Maybe you are the only one who has been invited" said Lilly with a shrug of her own.

All eyes turned at Kara and she scoffed in reply before stuffing her mouth with salad.

We sat with the group until lunch break was finally over. Turns out the group had been invited as well and was just pulling a fast one on Kara who totally fell for it.

After spending two hours in detention and away from my phone while listening to what am sure will never add value to my life. The clock finally struck at exactly 5pm. I packed up my things haphazardly and head outside.

I had just survived my first day of freshman year. All I wanted to do right at that moment was head outside and meet Kara so we can head home and get myself a proper meal and dive under the duvet.

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