Chapter - 13

Author's Pov.:-

" Potatoooooooo " crying out like a small excited kid kashvi ran out from her room only to stop in her feet when she saw that it's not her husband who was downstairs.

It's some staff members who are placing some necessary things in the kitchen like vegetables, water bottles, beverages and other things.

All staff members stop in their work only to give their full attention to their mam who was shouting a minute before like a small child who is excited about gifts.

They look at her with confusion as they didn't get it that why she was shouting potato potato like it's not some vegetable but honeydew.

However, they shrugged it off as no one has the guts to ask here and they assume that the potatoes are her favourite as getting excited about your favourite food item is not a big deal.

Kashvi look at them w

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