Chapter 9

"Excuse me? You got the wrong person," I replied with a genuine, confused expression. 

"Just because Damon said he wants to date you doesn't push me out of his frame. He is mine, so don't play this I-am-hard-go-get-girl card with my guy. It's me who is gonna win him, better stay at your place,"she warned with rage erupting in her green eyes.

"I am not interested in any of your funny claims, nor that I know about Damon's words --- she cut me off with a gasp yelling," Stop pretending! Anna was there in the crowd last night. Didn't your bestie tell you?"

I didn't glance at Anna or pretend that I was angry. Because in reality I was not. I chuckled before replying, "Listen up kid. There are 1000's of guys in this university dreaming about me to be their gir

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