"Mommy! Mommy have you seen Sham?" said Xavier popping his little head into the room. His mother sat by her bed with two maids fixing her hair

"Xavier, you always think about shamma. Come over here and say goodmorning to mommy." Xavier scratched his neck shyly before moving forward. He climbed onto the bed and kissed his mother's forehead. He was so adorable, a cute little ten year old

"Goodmorning mommy."he said shying away

"Goodmorning my love how did you sleep."

"I slept just fine but i did not find Sham when i woke up.Where did she go mommy?"

"Sham went to see her mother. She will be back later love.Now go take your bath let us have our breakfast." she said rubbing his hair but the boy did not move.

"Xavier, go and take your bath love its already past breakfast time."

"No mommy! I wont eat without Sham, take me to her mommy we always eat together."

"But Xavier, Sham went to see her family, she will come back soon i promise now let us go have breakfast." his mother said getting up from the bed.She stretched out her hand for Xavier to take but the boy wouldnt

"Love, come let us go,do it for mommy."

"No mommy i want Sham take me to her i want to eat together." he said in firm refusal. Xavier had gotten too used to Shamma.In all that they did they did together to an extent that Shamma had to be moved into the palace just so they could be closer to each other but she would go see her parents here and there.

"I will eat with Sham mommy, pack it up." the woman briefly stared at her little boy before motioning the servants to do as he had said. Xavier was way too fond of Shamma they were like twins, but she hoped someday that attachment will fade because she was his protector, his shield, and was supposed to remain that way


"But mommy i dont want to eat this i dont want it!" Shamma screamed pushing the plate away. Unlike Xavier,her parents were commoners hence could not afford the fancy food she ate at the palace. Her mother had tried to convince her several times but it would not work

"Sham are you not hungry?" asked her brother before sitting next to her with her plate in his hands

"I am hungry."

"Then come on eat the food then we will go play by the river together."

"We will?"she asked as her black sparkly eyes widened with a shimmer of joy

"Yes love,now come on and eat then we will go and play."

"Will Xavier come too?"she asked but before her brother could answer a voice chipped in

"Xavier is already here!"

"Xavier!!" screamed Shamma. Her mother watched in silence at the scene happening before her. Her Shamma was just an ordinary and innocent little girl and she too hoped growth will erase the attachment the two already had towards each other because if the attachment followed them into adulthood,it was going to be deadly

"I brought you breakfast Sham come on lets eat." said young Xavier throwing himself onto the cold hard floor before the food was placed before them. His guard and maid went on to wait outside while the two babies had their breakfast. Shamma's mother and brother stood by and watched them eat and giggle at whatever they were talking about. Now that was a mistake parents from both parties made, it was the beginning of an unshakable bond,a deadly bond between the next king of Luyota and his protector.It was becoming very clear as to why protectors were mainly males.It was the beginning of a very long and sad tale,this childhood unwittingly marked Shamma as his Xavier's Shamma.


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