Assassins Law

Assassins Law

By:  Kateleen D Kanhlu  Ongoing
Language: English
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After Leanunya’s failed attempt to kill the king she has been on the run. She has been forced to run town to town to keep her identity hidden. The most troublesome bounty hunter Wolferan has been hunting her for years. When Wolferan finally captures Leanunya he discovers her most precious secret. Knowing this secret he hunts for the truth only to discover a truth he never expected. Only by both Leanunya and Wolferan teaming up will they be able to save the kingdom.

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enjoying this so far.. is there any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-10 12:28:19
32 Chapters
Chapter One
It was the darkest part of the night as the rain poured down on the roof creating a haze which hid the woman in dark clothing. She was crouched on the roof, wrapped in her dark cloak, the hood over her face, making it impossible to see her face in the light of the night's Moons. There were no lights on in the streets below and it was dark and quiet in the small Village. It seemed to the woman; no one was up, although it was around midnight.     The woman in the dark clothing moved to the edge of the roof. She looked down in the street below seeing no one below or near her. On the wall below her was an open window. The woman dropped down from the edge of the roof catching the edge of the roof with her hands and entered through the window feet first. She cast her eyes around the room seeing no one. She then headed towards the shut door across from her. She slowly turned the knob on
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Chapter Two
Leanunya sighed as she walked in the dark forest remembering that day six years ago. She was now sixteen and had just about broken every law in the land. She had the largest bounty on her head and was on the run. One thing Leanunya liked about her bounty was that they had said a silver eyed Cattrina had done the deed and not a cattagon. It would prevent more hate to be pointed at the cattagon.     Leanunya continued to walk in the forest. She was headed east and even though it was so dark she could still tell where she was going by the red emblem star it always pointed east. There were also the purple, blue and green emblem stars each one pointing in a direction. Leanunya sighed as she followed the Red emblem star. She kept her ears perked for both followers and predators, that might think her an easy meal. She quickened her pace and made her way into the dark forest. 
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Chapter Three
Leanunya woke up early the next morning and she grabbed her stuff then headed out unnoticed. She headed towards the house where she was going to pick up the boy Nagos. Her tail was flicking; she felt something was off as she stepped onto the street the house was on. Leanunya pinned her ears when she saw Nagos's house door open. She swiftly crept to the door and heard the steps of heavy men as they walked around in the small home. It sounded like they were looking for something or someone.      Leanunya peaked inside and saw two large and rugged men as they were looking around moving things around. She entered the home and narrowed her eyes at the men saying, “what are you looking for?”, her voice had a slight hiss to it.     The two men turned to her and scowled; one with red hair and a scar a
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Chapter Four
Wolferan sighed looking at a map of the territory. He had lost track of the silver-eyed demon a day ago and was trying to figure out where she was going. He had been following her through the forest but hadn’t caught up to her or had any sign of her after finding that camp. He knew it had been the camp of the silver-eyes demon because of all the body’s she left behind. He knew her killing style by now and knew it was her who killed them. The thing that mystified him was the fact she had a child with her. He knew this by the fact that there were child sized shoe prints.Wolferan was confused by this as he had never once seen her travel with anyone. He was wondering if she had kidnapped him but no one from Rynion was reporting a missing child. Wolferan sighed, mulling this matter over in his mind. It never once crossed his mind that the child’s parents could have asked the silver-eyed demon
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Chapter Five
Leanunya woke the next morning and looked around, having barely slept any. She stood up and stretched looking at the sleeping Nagos. She sighed softly and worked to make them some breakfast. They had run out of the food she had bought a week and a half ago. She had since found food they could eat mostly fruits, berries and mushrooms. Rarely did she start or make a fire so she didn’t hunt but since they were so close to the forbidden forest she was willing to have a fire.      Leanunya made a fire pit and using her dragon's fire breath, she started it. She then stood from her squat she was in to start the fire and went to hunt something down for them to eat. She moved silently into the forest around them and looked for any signs for prey. She walked silently looking and soon noticed the tracks on a
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Chapter Six
Leanunya ran to the shack swiftly and drew a knife in the process. She covered the hundred yards in a matter of seconds and reached the shack. She could see a pack of zarowls outside the shack. They were giant wolf-like creatures who’s fangs and claws were stronger than steel. Leanunya hissed at them, gaining their attention. A few attacked her and she dodged before stabbing one through the base of its jaw and through its throat killing it. She then swiftly attacked the other that attacked her stabbing it through its eye and into its brain killing it. She hissed once again her ears flattened to her head, her wings spreading wide and her tail fluffed up lashing side to side. She then darted forward attacking another zarowl killing it just as swiftly as the other two with a dagger to the throat. She needed to get inside the shack and to Nagos. She had to protect him. She hissed angrily and the za
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Chapter Seven
In the morning Leanunya stood and stretched. She had stayed up most of the night making sure Nagos was warm enough and to keep predators away. She looked at the still sleeping nagos and went to him, shaking him. “Time to get up, come on. Your training starts.” Nagos opened his eyes and looked at her. She spoke, “You'll be getting up at dawn from now on, ok?” Nagos nodded after sitting up and stretching out. Leanunya watched him calmly as he got up. She nodded “come on let’s go out. You’ll only get breakfast after fifty laps around the shack.” She then left the shack and entered the cold air of the forest making her fur fluff up in response. She looked at Nagos who shivered and was holding his hurt arm. She spoke, “get going.” Nagos nodded and started to walk around the shack. Leanunya spoke
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Chapter Eight
Nagos ran training, trying to keep up with leanunya. It always amazed him at how fast she could run and have so much agility at the same time. He had already been training under her for over two years. The training was harsh most of the time and many times he had almost died. He managed to survive though and now he was almost ready to go home again. He could barely wait to see his father again. He was overly excited to see his father after two years. He had already grown at least a foot in height if not more though he wasn’t positive on that. He ran barely keeping up with Leanunya who was in front of him. Nagos was panting as he ran after her. He had learned to hunt and read a situation he was in since he had started training. He could now tell when to run or fight after a few minutes. He had also become good at spotting openings in his target. Leanunya had taught him to always go for the kill
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Chapter Nine
Wolferan sighed reading a report he had gotten. He had reread the paper at least ten times already. He was really disappointed. He had no news of the silver-eyed demon and only kept getting reports of rumors that always turned out to be false. This was frustrating him to no end. It had been two whole years since he had any real news of her. There had been a few times when he had reports of a mysterious woman in a few towns near where he lost the silver-eyed demon last, but it was always brief. The reports said a mysterious cattrina came into town with a boy and bought clothes and left. There was no definitive proof it was the silver-eyed demon as none of his informants got a good look at the woman and boy. He didn’t believe those reports to be the silver-eyed demon but he had a nagging feeling towards those reports and remembered them. He didn’t know why they bothered him but they did. He
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Chapter Ten
Leanunya sat up and stretched, having woken at dawn. She looked over to the still sleeping Nagos and stood. She called out “Nagos get up. Let’s get going” Leanunya then started to get her stuff gathered to go including gathering the meat slices from the zarowl Nagos had killed the night before. Once she finished putting the meat in a bag she went to the still sleeping Nagos. She scowled and unceremoniously kicked him off and out of the bed this time for sure waking him. She always did this if he didn’t wake the first time she called him to get up. She looked at him coldly as he sat up on the floor, a pouty look on his face. This look only made her even more irritated. She had discovered while training him what a disappointment he really was. Nagos had hesitated his first kill and then continued to disappoint her. She had orig
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