Chapter 5

Her blood tasted so sweet I had a feeling like I was drinking a glass of wine.

Instead of taking a small amount of blood, I just drank without thinking. The girl's face was becoming pale with a loss of blood.

When I thrust hard into her, she cried and bit my shoulder so hard.

I could sense that my skin tore, and blood came out from there when she bit.

When I spilled into her, she took a long breath and slumped on the bed, licking her lips with my blood on them.

When I saw that, my eyes went wild.

She tasted my blood, M-My blood… and I took her blood at that same time…Shit...We... We…we consumed blood from each other at the same time. We are mated now.

What should I do? This wasn't supposed to happen. I screamed in my head.

Now she is my mate. But she is human, and vamps only have one mate for their life, and because she took my blood and I took hers simultaneously, we got mated.

We have bonded with each other all our life. When vamps choose their mate, they drink blood from each other. This will form a bond between each other to sense each other.

If one of us dies, the other should live alone all his life. We can't get matted to others.

We drink blood from humans, but it is always one-sided.

Our saliva has a healing ability. We drink human blood and remove all the evidence from the person's body and mind. After drinking blood, we will heal the wound on their wrist.

Yes, we bite on the wrist to drink blood. Only for our mate, we take blood from the neck.

And when we bite on the person's neck, we can heal it, but it will form a mark which will be present on our body for our whole life remembering us of our partners.

When people look into our eyes, we can make them forget specific memory that we want. Can I be able to do that for her? Will she be able to forget today, ME?

When I look down at her, she is sleeping like a baby, her face is pale, her pale skin looks like a sheet of paper.

I lick on her neck where I bite her trying to make the wound disappear, But I couldn't.

So I can only try to heal, so she doesn't feel any pain when she wakes up the following day. I can see it healing. It looks like some insect bite on her neck.

Now I need to erase her memory. I try to make her weak up to make her forget this night.

"Baby... get up" I pat on her chicks.

"Mmm…" she moves slightly but doesn't open her eyes.

 I want to coo at her cuteness. But we need to do this. "Common baby, look at me, open your eyes," I try to convince her.

"No," she says, trying to turn to another side, "Please…." I speak with the softest voice I can make.

Her eyes shutter she slowly opens her eyes to look at me. I can feel she is happy at this time from the bond.

She doesn't notice the liberty I'm taking with her, calling her sweet names, and my behavior towards her. She doesn't see anything.

My heart hurts when I see her innocent face, but I need to erase her memory. If anyone discovers about her, they will kill her in a heartbeat.

And she is a human at that.

I need to do that to protect her from all the danger she can get herself into because of me. My position and the prestige of being a powerful vamp exist in history.

Many want to kill me, to take my place for the power they can acquire from me.

They carve for power, and they can do anything for that. I have seen the worst in my life. I can't involve her in all of this.

She is innocent of facing this situation, and this girl doesn't even know that we exist in this world.

I need to protect her since she is my family now.

I can't lose anyone from my family. So, I look into her eyes, searching for the specific memory I want to erase from her mind.

Unholy lord, she has suffered so much hardship in her life. My heart hurts for her, but she needs protection that I can't give her right now.

Since that is the case, she needs to live with her human guardians even though they don't treat her well.

When I look into her mind, I find that It's not my people that drugged her but her cousin who did it.

So, I took the wrong girl into my room? Well, is it a bad thing or a good thing? For now, I think it's a good thing. If it is not, we can think about it in the future.

When I was thinking all this, she was looking at my face. Slowly she starts to register everything present in Infront of her.

Her eyes are wild when she sees my fangs, My red eyes.

When I see her face filled with fear, just like she has seen a ghost.

I register I need to do this now, or making her forget this will be difficult. So, I look for today's memory and start to erase it.

My eyes turn bright red, and she gets hypnotized when looking into my eyes.

When the process ends, her eyes fall shut. I look at her one last time, then collect everything and leave the room.

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Annette Morris
I don’t know what to say really about this book but I’m not gonna continue reading it… this just proves to me writing isn’t for everybody… sorry
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Bellah Star
This book is a put off, did he really have to rape her right in the beginning, and can you spell check before you post your chapters. It distracts me from the story
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Bella Jersey
He can give her her virginity back can he? He raped her

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