Just for love
Just for love
Author: Unique

Chapter 1

He sat down in his office thinking about everything..he could not connectrate on his work..Naomi! He sat down in his office thinking about everything . It really hurts to know that the past was really affecting the present..he could not even concentrate on his work.

  Naomi! The name echoed and echoed in his head..for the past fifteen years,he had been living in sufferings and unhappiness even unknown to his parents.Jack Matt ,that was his name

 For the past 15 years,he had not known a woman because of her..he remembered the last word she said before she left," I regret ever knowing you" it was then he knew he had fucked up big time..only if he knows where she is now..only if he can ask for forgiveness and they should move on. The past was really hunting the present..even if it was possible,he would do everything to bring her back into his life..

  He rubbed his palm all over his face mistakenly and he realized he had been shedding tears all along.. Naomi,you are tormenting me ! He thought sadly..if there was one person he missed and desired to be with,she was the one . God ,please let me just meet her,just once,I need her forgiveness badly..I miss my first love..I am sorry I hurt her,let me meet her God...

  The past was really hunting him even in his thoughts and dreams to the extent that he sometimes shed tears when ever he woke up..

  Just then, he heard some voices outside.

" Ma'am,my boss is very busy right now, I will advise you wait for about thirty minutes" 

Oops..he probably had a visitor. I am not expecting anyone today,I have no appointment with anyone today,he thought..

" I said my boss is busy,can you not understand? ".

" Leave me alone,I have the right to go in there to see my boyfriend,who are you to stop me ? You have no right to stop me,you stupid secretary !"

" Ma'am,this is a company ,okay?"

" Are you mad ? "

" No not .I am sorry ma'am,please calm down ,just wait for about twenty to thirty minutes,I promise you will see him ,my boss has ordered that for now he does not want to see any one and you can not be an exemption " 

  He heard someone slap someone ..then, silence .

" damn it,Betty ! She never stays away from trouble ' he muttered

  Betty was his girlfriend..Daughter of two business parents..he felt probably he needed someone to forget Naomi,that was why he agreed to date spoilt and rude..though,his parents do not know he has a girlfriend ,he would have been bugged a long time ago.. He met her in a club on a faithful day..he had drank to stupor with the hope that what he did to his first love would be forgotten by him and it would not have to hunt him again but he was wrong, it worsened even after he started dating Betty. 

  She suddenly barged in. " Oh God ! I have no time for trouble! What do I do now ! " He muttered again .

" Sir,your girlfriend.."

" Ma'am Betty! " She said correcting his secretary..

" What ? " Nina,his secretary said

" Don't just address me as an ordinary person,I deserve some respect , ma'am Betty

" Sir,your girlfriend slapped me just because I asked her to follow your orders" Nina said defiling all odds completely ignoring her.

" Will you shut up or I will give you another one,I am ma'am Betty not just a random person" she shouted , screaming at her..

"Betty,you need to calm down,okay ? This matter does not involve fighting or insult or slappings or anything ,she was only following my instructions,no strings attached,I see no reason why you should slap her when she did nothing wrong,she did not insult you nor... "

" Can you just her yourself ? Does your stupid orders include me or what ? No ,just talk and you ,the next time you tell me shit,consider yourself done in this place of work ! I will not only slap you before that,I will hit you !"

  Jack signalled his secretary to leave , " now, time to deal with my bitchy girlfriend" he thought again .

" Betty,that is enough"

" It is not enough,she ridiculed me ! Did you not see that ? You were supposed to rebuke her and support me but all you did was correct me ,you are so weak and annoying,now she has left,how does she realize her mistakes huh? What kind of a boyfriend does that ? Huh ? You are just too weak ! Now,you have turned me to a nuisance..."

" That is enough! Is that too much for you to understand? Why can you not just forget it ? She has left,I have stopped talking,what is stopping you from not forgetting it also ?

" I expected you to sack her already"

He furrowed his eyebrows frowning..

" Even after you slapped her ? She should be sacked ? Like seriously? "

" Yes,Jack, and you should also pass a warning to your staffs that...".

" That what ? Yen..yen...yen....." He said making funny faces and continued,if you sack every worker under you just because you make rash decisions,I doubt if there would be just a person to work for you ,imagine the rubbish you are uttering! Anyway,why are you here ?"

" Can't I come see my boyfriend anymore? Or is it a crime ? " She said seating down on one of the available seats.

" Betty,this is not your father's house that you are free to come ,in and out everytime,do you understand? This is my father's company,I am here in his stead,I work here, do you not have any other things you do to keep you busy than walking up and down ?".

" What are you trying to say ? " She said frowning ,ready to say mean words..

What do you think her next response will be?

Watch out for the next chapter . 

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