"I never had my friends back then saying it was all a plan, that was when I realised that Chris was madly in love with you back then and he wanted you at all costs and probably that was why he behaved that way that day," he said sadly hoping she could believe all he said. He knew within himself that he never deserved her forgiveness but he just had to try his luck.

Naomi could not believe her ears,

"Oh really, so if you did not hear those words that very day, you would never attempt to find me? Like seriously, because I believe that you would still believe what you saw without confronting me, is that it? Huh?".

" I... No, you're getting it all wrong, listen, I tried to find you but my ego would never let me do so, I know it is hard to believe, it was when I resolved to find you that I overheard them saying that, I am sorry, Naomi, I really am and moreover, when I did find you, you had left to God knows where, I am sorry" he said apologetically.

" You are

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