Chapter 72

"Dad, what is the problem?" He asked worriedly, he knew it was the company again.

" The board of directors has agreed to bring in a successor from their side since they believe you are not ready and they have also agreed that if I do not agree, they will withdraw their shares, they badly want someone young unlike me, how do we want to do it?' his dad said more like he was panicking.

"Dad, just calm down and can you find a means of calming them down? It was just today that Naomi finally agreed to give me a chance" he muttered

" There is no way to calm them now, you know what happens if they withdraw their shares? The company I worked hard for will crumble, you know they have the highest shares, you know how bad it will be, please son, I do not want to have a heart attack, please help me by trying to hasten things up"

" Maybe I will try to come back home this weekend to finalize things,"

" Anyways, you said something earlier, you said she agreed toda

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