118. To Protect


I kissed Kiara fleetingly before we rushed back to our positions. Calming myself for those who were looking to me for strength. I couldn’t afford to feel anything but blood-thirst and confidence. How was it that it had all changed when she came into my life? I knew I'd be happy as long as she lived... but I also knew she needed more than just herself to live...Her parents, her brother, me...

For Kiara, we had to win this.

I unleashed my power, opening my link so that I could connect to all Alphas. Alphas, who would then relay it to their packs. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath as I focused, reaching far out into the woods that surrounded us. Honing in on the smallest animal or sound, getting past the hundreds of heartbeats of my wolves.

We were spread out, disguised and hidden, then there were backup wolves far away in case we needed it. There it was, the silent movement of something dark, I couldn’t hear any heartbeats or footsteps an

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Melissa Brown
Ok Indigo protect your family
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Maria Jose Castellanos
The king of course
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Maria Jose Castellanos
I love her confidence and admire her for beeb strong between everything that’s happening

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