Chapter 57


Over the next few weeks, I enlisted Eric to help me with doing some research for my project. It had surprised him to learn what I wanted to do. With his help, I managed to come up with a rather solid plan of operation. He even offered to help me get everything up and running.

There were a lot of kinks we still needed to work out, but he showed me an old abandoned apartment complex that was still functional. It just needed a bit of TLC. It would give the ones I help a place to stay. I spoke to some businesses around the pack and gave them a rundown of my plan. I needed to find people that would be willing to offer them jobs.

Unlike me, in my situation, they would need to viably support themselves. With a long list of jobs that they would be able to offer to them, as well as a place for them to stay, I was feeling pretty good about things. Eric even helped me find a way to be able to track down the ones that needed help.

It wouldn’t be easy

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Bella Jersey
I love it you can do it Brooke
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Was Brooke talking to her dad?
goodnovel comment avatar
Grrr that’s just so mean Tate! I agree with Brook. It’s the principle of it.

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