Chapter 76


After we finished eating, I offered to clean up while she showered and got ready for the day. We didn’t really talk much while we ate. I tried not to push too much, and I wasn’t sure how much of my past I should give her. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I figured it would have been to open to her.

Letting my guard down around her was a lot easier than I suspected it would be. Initially, I hadn’t meant to be so open, but once I got to talking, my words kept spilling out. I wasn’t sure if it was just knowing I had another chance to find happiness, or if it was her that made things easier.

Either way, I was more than grateful she was giving me another chance. There was a lot of making up to do, but I was okay with it. I was interested in seeing what I was even capable of. Early this morning I decided I would give her everything I had in me and if by the end she still chose to leave, it would probably be for the best.


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Ashley Morris
Why are these chapters costing more n more
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Yay Tatum!!! So good!

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