We saw a pharmacy and decided to buy a test first and checked it on my own. The bathroom in Seoul Hospital was too bright. Jeonghan turned his back to me as I awkwardly straddled the toilet and slid the white stick between my legs.

I hold my breath as I peed, pushed the stick back, tried not to splatter my hand.

It's weird doing this with him three feet away. He told me he would wait outside the door, but fear icily crept in and I started to panic. What if he's not there when I opened the door? What if he ran again?

I'm sure that made me sound irrational, but there's a part of me that needed him here. I didn't want to be alone when I found out.

I pulled my jeans up, sit the stick on the edge of the white, porcelain sink and flushed the toilet. I washed my hands, set the timer on my phone for two minutes.

Jeonghan didn't turn around until my hand reached for his.

Dangerous Yoo-Mi. Touching him was too dangerous for you.

I ignored my head and let my heart lead. I didn't kno
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