I have been dreaming of Ryker and a mystery female for the past two months, I haven't told H about it as I know he will do everything he can to make sure Ryker doesn't find me. It started like all my visions do and that is pieces at a time, I have been slowly seeing more and more. The mystery female is very important especially to Ryker but she is in a lot of danger, danger that has been following her around since she has been on the run. It is finally catching up with her and if it does she will not survive and I will lose Ryker as well. I hope I have been careful enough as I have been sneaking out of the house to search for this mystery female, I know it is here in this open clan that I find her, I just don't know when or where in the clan she is, all I know for sure is that I have to help her.

I woke up with a start after H and Wrath finally allowed me to sleep from H's pleasure and Wrath's slightly rougher fun, I am always extremely sore after one of those continuous sessions. Luckily for me he is not here as I sit up in the bed and slow my breathing and calm my heart so that I can go over what I just saw...

I see her running and running until she finds some protection in the form of an abandoned building, a house, she finds a dark corner and curls up with the tattered old blanket she has been carrying around with her for years. They are getting close, two males of power and if they find her, today was the day they do. They grab her, take her to another place, keep her tied in what looks like a basement. She is beaten to near death, then allowed to heal only to start again, they would swap between the two males one liked to beat her, the other liked to force her but they both were trying to break her, make her into a submissive... make her a slave.

I have to find her! I have learnt to hide a lot from H and Wrath over the years especially when it comes to my visions as he finds a way to use them against me, so he always ends up escaping or getting away without being harmed. Sometimes when I first wake up from a dream I slip up and tell H about them or part of them, it is how he keeps ahead of Nathaniel in his search for me, as I am always emotional after I have seen my brother, even if it is only in a dream-vision. I worked out after I had my daughters that he had used me telling him about my vision to know how to beat Phoenix in that fight and the suggestion of offering the male something in exchange for Phoenix's life was just to cover up the fact he was gathering information on what I dreamt so he could use it, if I hadn't told him what happened in my visions about Phoenix then he wouldn't have been able to beat him.


I thought I could trust him until I heard him tell me after I had my daughters that the next time I have a baby it will be his and it reminded me of the attack at uncle Noah's where I now know it was Wrath that told me that I lost Phoenix's first daughter just to replace it with his. I fell in love with H while I was pregnant but after I came to this realisation I started to pull away from him so now I still love him just not the way I use to.

I reach down my leg to my ankle and rub it a little, Wrath had a special silver ankle bracelet made to make sure I can't talk to Phoenix, Mother, Father, Nathaniel or any of my siblings along my mate or family link, but it would still allow me to shift into Ruth and not burn her. He had it made so that he was the only one that could remove it but would stay on my ankle no matter if I was in my human form or my wolf. Wrath had the bracelet made about a month after we left the kingdom, as Phoenix and Nathaniel had come real close to finding us. H worked out that I was still talking to them through our bond links giving them hints on where we were and where he was looking at taking us next, it was after one of these close calls that he gave me the bracelet and told me he was doing me a favour by letting me carry my twins but he would not honor it and kill them if I continued to defy him.

After I had my daughters and he had told me that the next baby will be his I had a conversation with Ruth and Cara

"After we had Ryker we promised ourselves that we would only ever carry our mates babies!!!"

"But how can we not have one of his? He will make sure he empties his seed a lot and often inside us guaranteeing that we will fall pregnant..."

"We can help with that...they say together but then Ruth continues "I will do most of it and Cara will help, I will make your body reject his seed and no Scar it will not hurt like it did when the mate bond was rejecting Nix's after our mating as that was a side effect of his betrayal with Sharon at the time."

"Thank you, I can relax a little knowing we will not dishonor Nix again by having another males baby..."

With this knowledge I fought him a little harder each time, I came so close to killing him a couple of times over the years but it was never quite enough even with Cara and Ruth's help, I have a feeling it has something to do with the bracelet. I have a feeling that as long as I have the bracelet on I will not be able to kill him myself.

I sigh, climb off of the bed and head into the bathroom for a shower, I jump a little as two arms wrap around me but relax as I feel feather light kisses being placed along the back of my shoulder and up my neck.

"Where did you go?" I lean back into him

"I had an errand to run, we will be moving again soon."

"But we haven't been here for that long..." I moved forward again as I was surprised by this, as he runs his hands over my body

"Some of the clan members are already starting to ask to many questions..."

"But why?"

He continues to run his hands over my body until he runs them down my arms to my wrists, wraps his fingers around them and then raises them above my head as he turns, pushes and pins me against the shower wall. I can't stop the slight fear that comes off of me, he kisses me with dominance and then slowly works his way down my neck as he whispers

"Where did you go? Who did you talk to? What did you say?"

"I didn't... I haven't been anywhere... How can I talk to anyone??"

"You are lying to me..."

"Noo, I'm not... You don't let me go out without you..."

"You are still lying!!" I know I am now in trouble as I hear Wrath take control.


He then pushes me back up against the wall and makes me scream as he sinks his fangs hard into my neck as he thrusts forward entering me at the same time. About an hour later Wrath finally allows me to rest after his punishment for leaving the house without him, he doesn't like me going out as there is a chance that someone will still recognize me even after all these years. Even after his punishments I still sneak out occasionally as Ruth is restless wanting more physical and pack company then H will allow her to have, we usually get away with it by finding a wild wolf pack to quickly run with and with our Royal blood we are always accepted. Lately I have been sneaking out to try and find this mystery female, as it is Cara that tells, no insists to me that we need to help her,

"Scarlett I know you are hurting at the moment but we can't allow her to fall into the hands of those males. Scar we must get up and find her..."

"I can't Cara, he will be watching even more now and his punishment will be even worse if he actually catches us... Again"

"I know Scar, but we have to find her now or those males will find her and find her soon, Scar we will lose Ryker!


I slowly get up off the bed as I am extremely sore, I think he may have broken something this time, make my way into the closet and put on some black pants, a black shirt and a black jacket. I move around quietly and make my way out the back window, I stay in the shadows and head to where I have been searching the abandoned buildings. I search three buildings and was about to give up when I take a deep breath and smell two males, they are werewolf and of power.

"Scar, its them and they are Alpha's... We must hurry!"

"We need to cover our scent or they are going to know that I am here and that will not be good for either the female or us."

"Consider it done!"

I smile to myself at Cara's sass, I let Ruth take partical control as I take another deep breath. She sorts through all the scents while keeping track of the males, it isn't long before Ruth finds the females scent. Ruth backs off and I make my way quietly into the next abandoned building following her scent, I find her huddled in a dark corner sleeping restlessly. I carefully make my way over to her and place my hand on her shoulder and whisper

"You must wake up... They are coming!"


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